Dominique Grubisa Mortgagee Foreclosure Seminar Sydney – ALL NEW DETAILS FOR 2014!

You are privileged now for having Dominique Grubisa talk about Mortgagee Foreclosure Seminar Sydney. This website will offer you the information you need like the venue, dates and time.

Property Entrepreneurs Conference for Sydney is on rock and Dominique Grubisa will address your needs for knowledge about how to get more profit from foreclosed properties.  Dominique Grubisa Mortgagee Foreclosure Seminar Perth for 2014 can be accessed here.


When Is The Next Dominique Grubisa Mortgagee Foreclosure Seminar In Sydney?


The next Property Entrepreneurs Conference in Sydney is on Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th March 2014. Free tickets are offered; so reserve your seats now.

If you haven’t signed up yet, click here to be able to claim your free tickets.

Where Is It? What’s The Location And Address?

The location of the venue is: Grand Ballroom, Sydney Boulevard Hotel 90 William Street, Sydney NSW 2011.

You can plug that full address into google maps here or through your GPS.

What Time Is It? When Do I Have To Be There?

Saturday starts at 9am! Aim for 8:00 to give yourself time for parking and be registered at 8:15.

Sunday starts at 9am! Aim for 8:30 to give yourself time for parking.

Property Entrepreneurs Conferences Are Very Popular

If you do not have tickets yet, get one FREE ticket now. Click here to go to the website.

There are limited slots for free tickets; so book now.

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