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Dominique Grubisa is a practising lawyer with more than 22 years of experience in the commercial and legal sector. She dons many hats simultaneously- she is a developer and property investor, an entrepreneur who has businesses in Australia as well as Southeast Asia. She is also a published author, educator, speaker and writer. She is counted as among Australia’s leading legal authorities on asset protection and distressed property investing having dealt with above $50 million in properties.

Dominique has transformed her start-up to a million-dollar churning enterprise with her skills, both in Australia and internationally. She writes and speaks on topics such as law, wealth, property and business. Her passion is cleaning up the legal system to make it as fair and accessible as possible. Her goal is to empower people by sharing knowledge.

Dominique’s experience in wealth creation and her success with business and property provides her with a vantage point from where she can advise, coach and educate any client that would like to know how to grow and protect their wealth.

Residing in Sydney, Australia, she is the Founder and Managing Director of Institutional Property Investments Pte Ltd. (IPI). Dominique, who has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in law, has been a practising barrister in Australia since 1996. She is renowned for her expertise in debt and commercial law. She has practised law across several jurisdictions in the country for over 20 years.

Dominique has also authored several educational and informative books. Some of the books by Dominique Grubisa include:

  • Real Estate Riches Down Under: How to Make a Fortune Investing in the Australian Property Market
  • Getting to Ex: Taking Control of your Divorce
  • Managing Debt: Turning Your Finances Around

She has numerous TV and radio guest appearances to her name as an Australian Debt and Legal Expert.

Besides Dominique’s impressive legal career, she is also a veritable property entrepreneur who has negotiated around property deals worth AUD$50 million over the past decade. She holds property education seminars in cities spanning the length and breadth of Australia. Now, she has shifted focus to SouthEast Asia, where she has founded the Australian Investments & Migration Pte Ltd(AIM) and Institutional Property Investments Pte Ltd(IPI).

Dominique Grubisa obtained her law degrees from the University of Sydney. Her skills range from Public Speaking to Corporate Governance, and even Contract Negotiation. She primarily engages with research and restructuring; she is also engaged in business analysis, investment advisory, corporate law, privacy law and property law. She is especially skilled at Dispute Resolution.

Dominique, at work

In November 2014, Dominique set up AIM in Singapore, which she advertised as the go-to place to learn about investment opportunities in Australia. AIM does everything from connecting you to a well-established team that can help you increase your return on investment to providing services like legal structuring and compliance, significant investor visas, asset protection and related property services.

In 2015, Dominique found the IPI. The IPI is a property sourcing endeavour that encourages people to meet their desired portfolio objectives. The company caters to institutional property investors who are on the lookout for real-estate investment. If a client has a specific brief in reference to a property they seek, the team at IPI is going to work towards locating exactly such property for them.

If there was ever a speaker who could confidently stand up on a stage and talk about financial success, it’s Dominique Grubisa. She has had high-profile and rich clients as well as ordinary individuals as part of her client base. Her specialisation in debt law for her Masters of law degree puts her at an advantage to her occupational peers.

If you’re looking to buy a distressed property, seek advice from our in-house go-to legal expert. Dominique Grubisa aims to buy distressed properties from trustees, liquidators and banks.

Another area where Dominique excels is Asset Protection. In asset protection, she works with investors at every level to secure properties and investments against legal attacks of any sort.

Some of the media platforms she has appeared on are – Today Tonight, Australian Property Magazine, A Current Affair and on Channels Nine, Seven and Ten.

Dominique Grubisa’s wealth management education service strives to help Australians gain control of their finances. Perhaps, help people in debt manage their finances somehow. Her knowledge about debt management is first-hand as she had faced similar circumstances in her life. Training and education are provided in four key areas – The Property Uplift Program, Master Wealth Control, Elite Mentoring Program and Real Estate Rescue. Events, workshops and training are conducted to help people with living their lives debt-free!

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