Dominique Grubisa Real Estate Rescue Seminar – A Review Worth Trusting

Dominique Grubisa Real Estate Rescue Seminar – A Review Worth Trusting

I have just signed up to go to the Dominque Grubisa Real Estate Rescue Seminar to review how trustworthy the content provided is. Dominique Grubisa is running her Real Estate Rescue Seminar’s on February 8th, February 9th and February 10th of 2019. The specific details are below:

February 8th 2019 – Dominique Grubisa Real Estate Rescues Seminar Brisbane

February 9th 2019 – Dominique Grubisa Real Estate Rescues Seminar Sydney

February 10th 2019 – Dominique Grubisa Real Estate Rescues Seminar Melbourne

Real Estate Rescue Summit

The seminar, which I have always known as the Real Estate Rescue Seminar, is now called the Real Estate Rescue Summit. I actually think that Dominique has changed the names slightly, or I may be incorrect.

Actually, I think how it works is Dominique’s free one day seminar, which I have registered for and signed up to go is actually name the Real Estate Rescue Summit. The dates for these are again below:

Brisbane – 8th Feb | Sydney – 9th Feb | Melbourne – 10th Feb

And then I think that her program Real Estate Rescue is a Seminar. Or maybe I am incorrect about this too. I actually don’t know. It is a new year in 2019 so there is a very good chance Dominique has improved on her courses and seminars that she presents – even if you call the a Summit.

Trusty Early Start:

Registration 8:30am

Start 9:00am to 5:00pm

Dominique Grubisa’s “dgiinstitute” provided training truly is something to behold. Reading through her website she has a humungous amount of courses, and has even teamed up with the likes of Paul Blackburn among others. Dominique has really pulled out all the stops – She is going for it despite what anyone says about her and I think that is inspiring. Quite frankly, she is kicking ass 🙂

Dominique Grubisa
Lawyer, Property Investor And ASIC Licensed Debt Specialist
Dominique is a solicitor, property educator and property developer who has bought, sold or held more than $50 million in real estate and is uniquely qualified to talk about property success. In addition to these impressive qualifications, Dominique is a celebrated author of three wealth creation books, an ASIC Licensed Credit Holder qualifying her to work with financial institutions on debt recovery and a licensed real estate agent with a unique insight into the property industry

Dominique Grubisa Real Estate Rescue Summit Review Coming Up… What Has Been Advertised So Far?

Learn How You Can Find Undervalued Property That You Can Potentially Purchase 10% – 40% Below Market Value From Motivated Vendors

PS. Limited Seats Available

– So Book Now!

Dominique provides a fantastic video overview giving good information, I felt, about what I would be learning. It was enough for me to enter my details. I didn’t actually scroll down and read the page.

The video can be watched here:

Actually I Did Scroll Down And Read The Whole Page Because At The End I Learned Something Truly Unique

After I had watched the video and entered my details into the form, I actually went back and read the page. I went a little ‘walkies in the website’ and started reading some other posts etc. I found a fantastic free webinar and got a free book download too.

What I wanted to talk about… what really attracted me to this seminar and why I am going, is one particular point on this list. See if you can spot yours:

Who Should Attend?

This process has assisted me to buy, sell and hold multi millions of dollars worth of real estate over the past 15 years.

  • If you want to buy a property for 10-40% below market value…
  • If you want to make money when you buy and obtain instant equity that may otherwise take years to realise through traditional ‘buy and hold’ investing…
  • If you are wanting to get started in property but have no money behind you and no ability to borrow any…
  • If you are looking for a way to create an income in your spare time, which can supplement or replace your day job…
  • If you are a renovator wanting to source a property below market, add value and “flip” for a quick profit…

The good news is that it really is possible, when you understand how to find and invest in distressed properties – all you need is my insider knowledge. That is why I am running a very special two-hour event called the ‘Real Estate Rescue Intensive’ to introduce you to my 3-step process.

Dominique Grubisa Real Estate Rescue Seminar – A Review Worth Trusting

When I go to the seminar aka summit about Real Estate Rescue… which does go for a whole day in Brisbane on the 8th February, Sydney on the 9th February and Melbourne on the 10th February, is to see if Dominique is trustworthy.

I will provide a very honest and unbiased review on Dominique Grubisa and her seminar on Real Estate Rescure when I get back.


the ONE reason why I am going…

(what was yours?)

The one big reason why I am going to the Dominque Grubisa seminar is because of the specific point she made about how ‘if you are wanting to get started in property but have no money behind you and no ability to borrow any…

This point struck me very strongly. Now, I am sure different points will really hammer home the reason why you should go to the seminar, and your reason could be the same or different. Either way, like me, you are interested in learning more, which means you are going places.

I can afford to buy property… I have money behind me… and I have the ability to borrow more than enough than I would ever need. That being said, I always like to have fun making money and creating wealth when I can. So what I want to do is simple:

  1. Attend Dominique Grubisa’s Real Estate Rescue Seminar and actually see for myself, in raw flesh and blood, listening to her teachings and engaging in her workshop/seminar/summit and see if she is truly trustworthy and honest and a good person.
  2. Learn as much as I can… soak up all the information… and potentially discover how I can afford to buy or even buy property without any money behind me and without borrowing any… Now, I am only looking at a little $30,000 piece of land, though I’m not to sure if it fits her criteria for the optimal property… but I’m willing to go and find out anyway; it’s only one day
  3. Return home with as much knowledge, books, courses, anything and everything I can get my hands on for free and if there are things on offer I won’t jump up and grab them. I’ll have a think and trust my gut on the decision when in the moment. Then I will return home with a host of goodies and finally know the trust truth about Dominique Grubisa’s seminar.

This Information Was

Actually Very Interesting

To Read Through

All Of It

Where Do You Find Great Deals Like These?

Now is the perfect storm economically, politically and socially. I have been waiting for all these indicators to align, for a long, long time.

The Americans have been doing this for years. I have taken their model, reverse-engineered it and built it from the ground up to fit the Australian property market, the Australian Legal System and the Australian Banking and Finance system.

Now it has all come together and the planets are aligned due to:

Now it has all come together and the planets are aligned due to:

  •   The age of technology via the Internet. These deals are now publicly available if you join the dots and know where to look. The Internet has made the impossible possible.
  •  Tight lending conditions as a result of the Royal Commision.
  •   Cooling Property Market.
  •   Massive debt in our financial system. Australia leads the world on current data, spending over 200% of what we earn.
  •   Massive wealth migration. Money is flooding into Australia now, with a volatile global economy and new High Net Worth investors, and it is pouring into our property market.

All of these fundamentals are aligning to make in a lifetime, perfect environment for distressed property investing.

Now… I did say when I get back from the seminar I will write a review. This post is already 1400 words long so I will write a new post on Why I Buy VIP Tickets To Seminars and Why I Bought Dominque Grubisa’s Real Estate Rescue Summit VIP Pass for $27.

Have a read of why… you will learn a lot.

Or if you want something free: click here…

Dominique Grubisa Real Estate Rescue Seminar – A Review Worth Trusting

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