Dominique Grubisa Review – A Wealth Of Knowledge

Want to know the truth about Dominique Grubisa? Then read this review revealing if Dominique Grubisa is a SCAM artist or not. Take a look – you’ll be surprised.

Your obviously looking for information on Dominique Grubisa? Read this article in full and you’ll not only receive a detailed review about Dominique there is also a special bonus for you at the end (completely free of course, as all our gear is). I hope you enjoy this review on whether Dominique Grubisa is a SCAM artist or not. Read all of this now!

I’ll cut right to the chase – who the hill is Dominique Grubisa and what does she do? Is Dominique Grubisa a SCAM artist or is she the real deal? Was there gossip about some sort of foreclosure scams or what was the real deal regarding that?

Find out the truth now…

Let Me Review The Facts Of My Detailed Research On If Dominique Grubisa Is A Scammer To Clear The Air…

Upon detailed research online regarding Dominique Grubisa and her history as a lawyer and asset protection specialist renowned for her work in debt reduction, I discovered the following facts:


  • has 20 years’ legal experience and as far as I know, she is still a practicing barrister (although I think she may have redirected her career towards public education at the moment!)

I didn’t have to look far to find legal and lawyer related information plastered everywhere about Dominique Grubisa. Apparently she is one kick-ass lawyer! And from the sounds of it I wouldn’t want her coming after me. (scammers beware, Dominique might getcha!)

  • she’s Renowned as one of Australia’s Top Debt Specialists…

Along her law career it’s clear Dominique has specialized in debt and debt reduction. She’s gathered a wealth of experience working for both sides as the debtor and creditor which is interesting because she’s been on both sides of the fence. The good news is that she’s been guided by the force to the side of the good guys! (and probably has some “dark-side” knowledge that makes her even more powerful)

I found this, which was heartwarming and pretty cool:

In real time on national TV Dominique Grubisa Helped an Australian family Drowning in Debt absolutely resolve their creditor issues and get back into the black.

By now, I had decided Dominique was NOT a scammer. She seems to be one of the most helpful, caring and kind lawyer in the world.

  • Dominique has been Widely featured in Print, Books, Radio, Media and even on National Television.

I was able to find many high quality reviews and references of Dominique Grubisa everywhere; over the Internet and even in offline media (yes, I research well!). Actually, I couldn’t really find anything that suggested she was a fake/scammer etc. If anything, she’s about the most experienced and nationally recognized expert I’ve ever found regarding her specialties of asset protection and debt reduction!

Dominique Grubisa has been featured on A Current Affair, Today Tonight, The Circle and Prime News where she showcases her unique methods for getting out of debt and protecting assets and income. She’s also featured in Stuart Zadel’s book “The New Way to Make Money In Property Fast!” as an expert in asset protection.

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Dominique Grubisa: The New Distressed Real Estate Expert?

Dominque Grubisa is now building her brand and as she is a nationally renowned Australian debt and legal expert, as well as a successful property entrepreneur and educator, she is now healthily helping Aussies gain insights into how to make money in a crashing real estate market.

With the aftermath of the GFC still rolling in – and places like Brisbane and the Gold Coast massively upside down – Dominique is helping good Aussie investors survive in a tanking market. Dominique’s distressed real estate expertise is backed up by her long history as a lawyer and working for all types of clients (remember the dark side… she was there before but has now lifted the veil to use her powers for good!)

There are a lot of distressed real estate scams (aka foreclosure scams) and the whole area of mortgagee in possession and takeover deeds on distressed property is a touchy subject; both legally, emotionally and ethically. It can be a lucrative opportunity if you know what you are doing though…

Which is why I’m proud to announce that by using her extensive legal expertise, experience and all-around brilliant brain Dominique actually is teaching budding property investors on how they can potentially make money purchasing real estate at below market value because of the circumstances surrounding the deal (distressed real estate generally sells at a lower price than non-distressed real estate)

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The DVD’s titled: Discover Secret Strategies To Unlock Massive Profit Potential In Property and Protect It!

Here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll gain insight into when you get the DVD and watch it;

  • Ideas to secure properties up to 40% below market value…
  • Creative ways to find distressed properties that may separate you from the herd…
  • That it’s possible to secure great deals with potentially none of your own money…
  • Why this concept can be so much more lucrative than traditional passive property investment..
  • How you can gain a competitive edge on the rest of the market…

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11 thoughts on “Dominique Grubisa Review – A Wealth Of Knowledge

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  2. Kerry

    I’ve been to Dominique’s course and found her information to be VERY useful. It’s not easy finding these deals but when you do it’s a gold mine!

  3. Tracey Mackie

    Hi i attended Dominique’s Distressed Real Estate seminar in Adelaide Wednesday night and found her to be very entertaining, the way she told her story of how she got started in the real estate business, met her husband, lost everything and came out on top again. She was very inspiring and it would be fantastic to attend one of her 3 day seminars to soak in her wonderful knowledge and start doing what she seems to do best. Kind regards Tracey

  4. cheryl martin

    i have lost a lot to a scammer and as it stands i am again in the rental market after being a homeowner..i would love to own again but am now on old age there a way i can rent to buy when i only have 20% deposit..Please can u help..i reary grandson 13..cheryl

  5. jay

    The DVD’s titled: Discover Secret Strategies To Unlock Massive Profit Potential In Property and Protect It!

    dominique grubisa suggestions


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