Dominique Grubisa Trust System – Asset Protection Lawyer in Australia

For Dominique Grubisa trust has been an essential part of her career growth – from being a local barrister-at-law who specialized in Family Law to becoming a renowned Australian debt & legal specialist. With an impressionable educational attainment as the foundation to her legal profession, it’s no wonder that she was able to build a trusted reputation in debt reduction and asset protection for over 20 years. And a naturally effective communicator, she is also ranked among the A-list when it comes to business conferences and speaking events.

Dominique Grubisa Trust System –Litigation in the Country

Asset protection is among the most crucial things that you can do for yourself, your family and business; with litigation – commercial and civil, widespread. Fact is the state of New South Wales, Australia ranks third for litigation in the world, which is important for asset protection (click for reference link). What’s more, other Australian states are not far down the list. This gives you an idea of how high the risks are of getting sued. The most alarming thing about this is that many fall victim to phony lawsuits, bogus creditors, and other tricks scrupulous individuals and groups could think of to steal. And this can happen to you if you fail to have adequate asset protection.

Dominique Grubisa–Why Learn Asset Protection?

With litigation rampant – which can be pursued by would-be litigants as well as creditors, you will never know when it can hit you. There are plenty who are ready to use the smallest excuse they can find just so they can charge you or your business for something, hoping to get a share from your cake. By learning asset management and protection, you can:

  • First and foremost, make sure that your wealth remains yours.
  • Make sure your future money – such as retirement fund and revenue, is safe.
  • Plan future activities and strategies to isolate your valuable assets from liabilities.
  • Implement safety measures to avoid the risks of losing money or property.
  • Minimise the amount of resource – both money and time, you have to spend dealing with frivolous lawsuits.

Dominique Grubisa Trust System– Learning from one of The Best

Asset protection involves a lot of complex processes and documentations that would be hard to grasp for the layman. But with a now renowned Australian debt & legal specialist, who’s also one of the best asset protection lawyers around, getting information about the key points to know about the topic is made so much easier.  Her’s is a program based on the classic system Vestey Trust that continues to exist and protect the Vestey assets for over a hundred years now.

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One thought on “Dominique Grubisa Trust System – Asset Protection Lawyer in Australia

  1. Michael Radalj

    HI Dominique,

    I am a financial adviser and wonder if you can send me some information about Vestey Trusts. I have clients who are interested and have asked me to find out more for them. The clients have a large home loan liinked to their home. They wonder how such a trust can benefit them in their circumstances.
    any details would be much appreciated.

    Michael Radalj


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