Dominique Grubisa Vestey Trust Review – Is Her Asset Protection The Real Deal?

ReVealiNG Review on Dominique Grubisa’s Asset Protection!

Learn the TRUTH about the Vestey Trust System and if it can be used in Australia for asset protection.

Are you looking for a review on Dominique Grubisa’s Asset Protection? Learn the truth about her and her qualifications and discover how you can get information on using a vestey trust for asset protection in Australia.

Dominique Grubisa is a renowned Australian debt & legal specialist and has worked in the debt and legal industry for the last 20 years. On national TV on A Current Affair she successfully used her methods to reduce property investor’s expenditure from $20,829/month down to just $642/month.

She has also appeared on Today Tonight, Channel 10’s The Circle and Channel 7’s Prime News where she has showcased her unique methods for getting out of debt and protecting your assets and income.

I Know Your Wondering About The Vestey Trust…

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Dominique says she ‘researched everything she could on the subject [of debt reduction, asset protection and the vestey trust and vestey trust-like structures] and reverse-engineered what she could using her vast legal knowledge built when she was working in a role that involved targetting debtors’. This has helped her to build her expertise as a debt, asset protection and legal specialist and in my opinion attests to her dedicated and quality character.

If you’re interested in asset protection you’re probably rearing to get some real info about the classic Vestey Trust (which still exists and protects the Vestey interests to this day, even though its 100 years old)

If you would like this information there is really only one (as far as I know) place to get it if you want to implement the vestey trust system in Australia. And that’s through Dominique Grubisa. But before you go running off reading all the other articles about Dominique on this website, let me share with you I’ve already found and put together all the information for you.

You can access all the information I’ve compiled on asset protection, vestey trusts, Dominique Grubisa, how to access her and the absolute best method I’ve been able to figure out (after researching this for 2+ years) to get a vestey trust like asset protection system setup.

And you can access all that information for free. Simply enter your email address into the form below to signup to my fantastic newsletter. Not only will you get all the info on Dominique and the vestey trust etc, I also share with you free wealth creation books and resources, free seminar tickets, and guide you along your journey with my infamous “How To Be Wealthy Coaching Course”.

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What If All This Asset Protection, Real Estate Rescue and Vestey Trust Stuff Just A Scam?

Can We Really Trust Dominique Grubisa?

Great question. And one a smart property investor would ask.

Obviously if you are researching asset protection and vestey trusts you are an accomplished property entrepreneur already. You’ve probably got a nice portfolio – maybe a business or two – and want to make sure you’re completely protected.

Which means your smart enough to know that seriously getting educated in this area is definitely worth the risk-reward ratio. Naturally.

Now, I hate to break it to you but I simply can’t convey all the information you need regarding asset protection and vestey trusts etc in this one blogpost. And I’m not the best person to be teaching you either. That we should leave to on of Australia’s leading asset protection specialists; Dominique Grubisa.

If you would like to learn Dominiques advice on asset protection for free then I urge you to first nab a copy of Stuart Zadel’s new book “The New Way To Make Money Fast’ because there is a whole wealth of information on asset protection in Chapter 6 Page 241 written by the one and only Dominique Grubisa.

There is a massive write up by Dominique on everything asset protection including how to’s that are simple enough to grasp and understand the concepts. If you are at all serious about asset protection (and have half-a-brain that you’ll get the book for free instead of paying for it) you’ll go and get a completely free copy, which you can do by simply signing up to the newsletter. Just enter your email into the form below and click the blue button and you’ll be delivered instructions how to claim a free copy of the book “The New Way To Make Money In Property Fast”.

How To Get In Contact With Dominique To Get Personalized Asset Protection Advice

(and maybe even have the opportunity to have her setup a vestey trust like Australian asset protection structure for you!)

Consulting with Dominique Grubisa on asset protection is expensive but of course you can’t put a price on protecting your families assets properly. That’s why getting her information from the book discussed above is so valuable – it’s a free kick-start on the subject. You’re simply not going to be able to get real in-depth information surfing the net; you need real training from books, DVD’s, seminars, coursese etc…

Anyways after you review the book, another way you can access Dominique (on the cheap) is to go and see her personally – for free. If you’re smart, you’ll realise how to do this just as I did.

Dominique is regularly present at Stuart Zadel’s Property Entrepreneurs Conferences. Although she’s becoming on of the foremost Australian experts in acquiring distressed properties of course she’s still one of Australia’s most renowned asset protection property entrepreneurs.

As she speaks alongside Stuart, Dominique will be presenting great amounts of education and training on the ins and outs of asset protection and how you can personally review your ability to protect yourself using her system.

To gain access to her – what I do anyway – is when you are at the seminar you can actually just go up to Dominique and go and ask her your personal questions. She’s very friendly and has always given me honest and straightforward responses (she cannot give you ‘advice’ legally of course)

Now, this won’t exactly be a full 1 hour personalised consultation, but you could easily get some valuable information and bits and pieces of a personal review from her about your specific circumstances. And that just may be the key puzzle pieces in completing your vestey trust asset protection vision.

Of course we give away free tickets to these events in our email newsletter. There are so many benefits such as free books, wealth creation tips, tricks, my “How to Be Wealthy Coaching Course” and

a) a free DVD containing hours of content of Dominique Grubisa sharing all about asset protection

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c) special links to get free tickets to Stuart Zadel’s Property Entrepreneurs Conference where Dominique Grubisa often speaks – not to mention the array of other experienced property entrepreneurs sharing insights about what they’ve learned along their journeys.

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13 thoughts on “Dominique Grubisa Vestey Trust Review – Is Her Asset Protection The Real Deal?

  1. asset protection

    What is Asset Protection? Can you tell me or share me about Asset protection? What is helpfull for owner can he use the term of Asset Protection? Can you tell me the uses or some tips related to Asset Protection? What is a depriciation of asset? How many methods of depriciation in related to Business?

    1. Alex Post author

      Great Questions. I’m not the expert on Asset Protection but Dominique Grubisa is. If anyone has questions similar to these I highly recommend visiting Dominique at the Property Entrepreneurs Conference where she does her Asset Protection talk. You can signup for free by clicking here. After you have signed up for that you can get a free copy of Stuart Zadels ‘The New Way To Make Money In Property Fast’ which has a whole chapter on Asset Protection written by Dominique Grubisa. Click here to see the special offer to get this book for free.

  2. Sylvia Clissold

    Spent the weekend at Stuart Zadel conference with my son Colin Clissold and daughter-in-law Samantha. Best 2 days of inspirational learning one can ever do for themselves.

    Dominique Grubisa is the person who make a difference. She says it as it is. Her knowledge base is profound.

    The three of us are delighted to have booked IN for her course,

  3. Alex Post author

    Hi Sylvia,

    Thanks for sharing your great experiences with Dominique Grubisa. Indeed, you are right! This is what I am always saying on my posts to always check the person who is capable of giving you the needed information.

    Now you have obtained the training you need, hope to hear more about you very much successful of the venture you have.

    Warmest Regards,


  4. Kirsten

    I’ve still got some questions about how I can find foreclosure listings in Australia. Who is the best person to speak to regarding this?

  5. George

    Hi there
    I would like to know how I can have a Vestey-Type Trust set up.
    Would Dominique be the one setting this up for me?
    Would I be able to learn more about the details of this type of trust?
    Most importantly please let me know what the cost of set up would be and how long it would take to complete the set up so “the Trust” can receive funds for the beneficiaries and for business ventures.
    Thank you


    1. Alex Post author

      Hi Eric. Again, The content on this website isn’t duplicate content. I just write about particular subjects in more than one way. For example, if you browse to the bottom of this page you will see related articles. These are all about Dominique Grubisa… she has many different courses that she teaches and so I cover them all. A Vestey Trust is just one thing she does…

    1. Alex Post author

      Hi Eric. Yes I sometimes make multiple blogposts on the same person/topic. Though you will find this isn’t duplicate content its new content on the same topic. For example, this post on Vestey Trusts is different to this post on Asset Protection. If you want more information, just browse the site. Related articles are at the bottom of every post…

  6. Sam

    Тhank you for the good writeup on Dominique. If truth be told what was once just a blog for еntertainment your website has now become a very valuable source of information. I would really like to see a better look and feel to it though. A more advanced user interface to deliver a more agreeable experience would be nice. Your writing is very good, I’d just love to see some better graphics from you! By the way, how could we start to be in contact?


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