Dr. Alex Cowie – Can Listening To Him Really Make You Rich? Learn More And You Could Also Get FREE Gifts!

Dr. Alex Cowie believes that there are plenty of opportunities to build wealth through investing in mining, resource and other mineral extraction plays. So it isn’t surprising at all that when he takes the podium there is a lot of talk about miners, diggers and drillers – which incidentally is the theme of the Newsletter that he was editor of until recently.

Participants at a Dr. Alex Cowie speaking event could be excused for questioning whether his advice can really make them rich, or whether his motives are self-serving. For instance, could he be trying to sell them a $150 subscription to his newsletter instead?

Does Cowie Have a Point?

Investing in the BIG mining companies hasn’t proved rewarding to shareholders. A case in point – Barrack Gold! Investors looking to build their wealth there were utterly disappointed. So what makes Cowie’s advice so different that it will result in creating wealth?

  • Dr. Alex Cowie seeks out relatively small Australian miners that are also digging and drilling further ashore than Australia – which means there is some degree of geographical diversification in his advice!
  • The subscriber base for his Newsletter expanded from 3,000 to 18,000 under his stewardship – which means people ARE making money following his advice!
  • The stocks selected by Cowie have significantly outperformed their respective benchmark indices – which mean his advice is based on sound investment principles!

The fact that Cowie actually travels to the sites of the various digging and mining projects he advocates putting money into is also noteworthy.

Should You Attend a Cowie Speaking Event?

Advice received is often well thought of if the receiver knows that the advisor is speaking from first-hand experience. As someone sitting in the audience, listening to Dr. Alex Cowie offer recommendations or make a prediction about a project, you know that he has actually spoken with the management team of those projects.

That’s the difference between a Cowie speaking event and some of his peers. While many speakers on the talk circuit speak through the eyes of academia and scholarly research, Cowie is different. His talks are often based on real-life research and first-hand experience. Audiences flock to his talks to listen to exactly that type of advice!

Wealth-Building For The Non-Wealthy!

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