Dr. Brett Ennis – Is Our Food Supply At Risk?

As a private sector Chief Executive Dr Brett Ennis has to have shareholder interests as one of his top priorities. But given that his company, Prevar Ltd., has tremendous influence on our food supply chain, could profit motives trump safety and security of the fruits and vegetables that we eat?

As a speaker at many conferences and seminars on the topic of breeding new varieties of Apples and Pears, Dr Brett Ennis reinforces the tremendous advantage of his company’s research. But should the audience be skeptical of what he says?

Should we trust him?

Anyone with that much influence as Dr. Ennis has, on something as vital as a nation’s food supply, should be held to an exceptionally high standard. That’s because:

  • Dr Brett Ennis and his team are engaged in highly sensitive research
  • The margin for error is extremely thin when it comes to the destructive potential that bad research gone viral can have
  • Even if Australia has high levels of oversight on such research, it doesn’t follow that Ennis’s global partners have the same degree of oversight over what they do with the research
  • Like the Sars Virus, Bird Flu epidemic and Listeria contamination instances have proved, once something goes wrong in our food supply, it can spread globally – and very rapidly!

Audiences listening to Ennis talk must keep in mind that it is in this backdrop that Ennis and his team are working. And it is precisely due to these reasons that countries and corporations have imposed extra oversight on the researchers work.

Global concerns about food safety

Governmental bodies across the globe are concerned about the safety of their food supplies. They are therefore cooperating more closely today than at any time in the world’s history. They are sharing information about food safety, food inspection and food research in far greater volume than ever before.

The product of Dr Brett Ennis and his team’s efforts can therefore no doubt be trusted to keep our food supplies safe.


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