Dr. Nate Reed – Is He Tampering With Nature?

Scientists like Dr. Nate Reed are experimenting with chemicals like Methylcyclo-Propene (MCP) to help fruit farmers manage the natural effects that ripening has on their crops. As a noted speaker on the subject of MCP, Dr. Reed’s audience would be well within their rights to look upon with skepticism on these methods. Some would even question whether it is right to tamper with nature.

Is Dr. Reed’s work harmful?

Each year hundreds of tonnes of fruit and vegetable crop go to waste because of the harmful effects of ripening. Dr. Nate Reed and his colleagues are amongst a handful of dedicated scientists that are committed to helping farmers save those crops from rotting. The end result is likely to be that, instead of being disposed off in landfills and garbage pits, those produce will see their way into the world’s food supply chain.

Skeptics might still wonder whether this process is sufficiently tested, and whether MCP can cause more harm than is currently known. But they fail to understand the science and experience behind the process:

  • Dr. Nate Reed has conducted experiments that confirm that MCP stymies the impact of ripening by binding the ethylene receptors in the fruit
  • His 29+ years of work as a researcher in the fruit industry have earned him many accolades
  • His work experience isn’t just confined to academics, but also with private sector corporations and the Federal USDA

Any suggestion that someone with a reputation and track record as that of Dr Nate Reed would indulge in harmful practices is highly unbelievable.

Is MCP Safe?

Attendees at a Dr. Reed speaking event will walk away confident in the knowledge that MCP is safe. While the researchers conduct hundreds of tests to ensure that their processes pose no threat to the fruit that are used on, their findings are never implemented without several levels of oversight. In fact, several other researchers have offered alternate approaches – especially with regards to safe levels and dosage of MCP – to the application of this science.

With so much oversight involved, it is unlikely that MCP as a anti-ripening treatment will be unsafe.

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