Dr. Nicholas Gruen – Can Intellectuals Help Us Create Wealth?

Dr. Nicholas Gruen has been in the public eye, not as a flamboyant hedge fund manager or an investment banker. He doesn’t have any claim to shrewd personal investment strategies, financial deal-making or mega mergers and acquisitions. So why should anyone attend one of his speaking events? What value can someone like Gruen deliver to anyone seeking to create wealth – either for their business or in a personal capacity?

Creating Wealth – Do Intellectuals Have The Answer?

The world is in financial ruin because front-line bankers and investment advisors played “fast and furious” with money that was not theirs. Dr. Nicholas Gruen on the other hand has no such reputation. As a respected economist and government policy advisor, he has worked silently behind the scenes to rebuild public confidence in our investment and banking institutions:

  • Dr. Nicholas Gruen has served as policy adviser to two Federal Government Ministers
  • He has not only shined in academia, but is a renowned economist with 3 decades of achievement and experience in both the private and public sector
  • He has served as Director of the Business Council of Australia’s New Directions economic reform project
  • He holds a PhD and BA Hons (First Class) from the ANU and a LLB Hons from Melbourne University
  • His works are widely published within Australia and internationally, both online and in respected newspapers, journals and other publications including the Australian Financial Review and the Courier Mail

Dr. Nicholas Gruen has also played (and continues to play) an active role in many think tanks and grass root movements that are focused on reforming our wealth creation institutions. While his actions and ideas are no panacea to the global financial ills, they will definitely help us get answers to an eventual cure.

Why Listen To Gruen?

An audience listening to Dr. Nicholas Gruen speak will come away with a fresh perspective to what really ails our financial world today. And it is precisely a fresh perspective that’s required if we are to get back on track to creating wealth and building our financial futures.  One of his online opinion pieces talks about having less “honesty” and more candour in the financial markets. It is precisely that kind of thinking that will help induce a climate of fair and equitable wealth creation.

Learning To Create Wealth

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