Can Elizabeth Lewis-Gray Really Help You Create Wealth? Learn The Truth And Get A Chance To Win FREE Gifts!

Why would attending an Elizabeth Lewis-Gray seminar or talk event help you make money or build your personal fortune? Can someone like her – with no investment management, Hedge Fund management or Personal Finance expertise really help you get rich? Her critics would hold the view that her expertise is in innovations in the extractive industries – especially gold, silver and other heavy metals. Could one actually build wealth and grow rich from advice provided by someone with that kind of a background?

While the truth about Lewis-Gray and her specialization is much deeper than what the critics might think, they do make a good point. So let’s dig deeper to learn more about Lewis-Gray.

Can She Deliver Wealth?

Elizabeth Lewis-Gray is today the Chairman and CEO of Gekko Systems, a company dedicated to developing innovative mineral processing hardware for the recovery of heavy and precious minerals.  And to take a fledgling Australian start-up company from her backyard into an international force to reckon with, requires discipline, foresight and planning.  In addition:

  • Elizabeth Lewis-Gray has dabbled in architecture
  • Has an undergraduate degree in Economics and English
  • Has a Masters of Business Management with a focus on Action Learning
  • Has a background in stock brokerages and a financial research analyst
  • Has been named to the Businesswomen’s Hall of Fame

And along the way, she has been named by the Australian government on several Boards and Committees that oversee progress and prosperity in the Australian economy.

Profiting From Her Experience

Certainly Elizabeth Lewis-Gray has profited from her vast experience in mining and mining innovation. But her talks and seminars also deliver strong advice for others to profit from her experience as a businesswoman and mother.  Attendees at a Lewis-Gray talk event will come away learning a lot about what it takes to build a successful life.

It’s true that her talks do not focus on “wealth accumulation” per se. However, through topics such as “Change and Innovation”, “Visualization”, “Soft Goals”, “People, Passion and Culture” and “Networks, Mentors and Champions”, she is able to influence how both individuals and corporate executives think about success.

Your Personal Wealth-Creation Plan

Elizabeth Lewis-Gray has an uncanny ability visualize innovative and creative wealth building solutions for employers and businesses around the globe. Her success with Gekko Systems has clearly proved that. But Stuart Zadel’s book Think and Grow Rich is an all encompassing publication that helps ordinary Australians build their personal wealth creation plan.

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