What Are The Essentials To Good Article Writing?

What Are The Essentials To Good Article Writing?


The most important thing is to provide value to the reader. This can be done in many ways and doesn’t necessarily mean ‘teaching information’.


You absolutely must deliver on the promise in the headline (implied or otherwise). There needs to be strong congruency between what was presented, what the reader expected to get, and what the article actually delivered on.


Formatting is very important. Spelling, grammar and punctuation not so much. There is nothing worse that big huge blocks of text. Generally, you should make a new paragraph after every 2-3 sentences.


And it’s nice to break up the margins with a Sub Heading, or a bullet point list or little embedded quote.


You have to remember that we – humans – our eyes aren’t designed to read screens; and not only are they essentially 2D (even though graphics effects can create a façade of depth) the computer screens are actually flashing on and off at extremely fast rates. Therefore it’s harder to focus, separate objects and lines and just concentrate in general.


This is an often overlooked area by many writers but I’d say it ranks right up there as one of the most important things. You can have a perfect article but if it’s just blocky paragraphs it’s terrible.


Another really important essential to good article writing is being able to effectively and succinctly communicate your message. Nobody’s perfect and we all can improve in this, but writing that goes on and on and on and on can be very tedious.


It’s like the old saying “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.”


Article writing so far as on the Internet is much more sensitive to layout, formatting, clarity etc. Most people skim read most sites – they are frantically looking for a particular piece of information they want to find out. If you can present your material in a way that is easy to navigate, the reader’s experience is more enjoyable; that’s just one more facet of the value you can provide in your article.


Obviously if the piece is more structured around recreation or entertainment, it should be relaxing or entertaining etc. Write to the genre of the piece.


If I were to say what THE most essential thing about writing articles is, it’s the fact that a VERY large proportion of people have a mere basic level of English etc. Being able to convey information in the simplest terms possible is a must.


Unfortunately, because a lot of writers are writing all day, they have huge vocabularies and understand complex English – but most people ARE NOT writers. Most readers aren’t writers. So essentially, good article writing is writing pieces that the reader can easily read, understand, digest the information, and enjoy.


Reading your article should be a pleasurable experience for the reader. If in any way it’s not, then you haven’t done your part as a writer – it doesn’t matter if you think they should ‘be smarter’ or ‘understand what you meant’. It’s a bit of snag a lot of elitists or highly academic types have.


You need to consider a lot of things while writing an article for content, especially for your website if you want your website to rank. Most importantly, you need to consider the keywords that you will use. You need to know which keywords your audience are using in order for your website to rank up.

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