Is There Ethical SEO And Unethical SEO ANSWERED!

Is There Ethical SEO And Unethical SEO? ANSWERED!

Are you wondering about SEO and if there is ethical SEO and non-ethical SEO… or where is the line when it comes to ethics and search enging optimisation? Well, read on my friend…

The Great SEO Hoax –SEO Ethics Turned Upside Down

There are 3 ways in using SEO. SEO is Search Engine Optimization and it is a way to make your website search engine friendly, and searchable to the internet. About the 3 ways, there is the white hat SEO which is the cleanest way, this is the allowed way, the most legal way and the most correct way to do your SEO, meaning you are not making any mistakes or illegal strategy. Nest is the black hat SEO which is the total opposite of white hat, meaning, it’s the bad way, the illegal way to use SEO to your site. Websites who use this usually get banned in the search engines. Lastly, is the grey hat SEO which is a mixture of the white hat, and the black hat SEO. You are really great if you are using grey hat because even if it’s allowed, sometimes the website who uses this gets banned to because there are more black than white.

Most people use grey hat and white hat and brave but stupid ones use black hat. But you know what? There are more to it than what you have already read in most of the articles. I know more SEO strategy that doesn’t include any of these ways and is more efficient and amazing. If you want to know more, jut read on.

4 Warning Signs You SEO Is Un-Ethical


– Your actively building backlinks with the specific purpose to increase your rankings

– Your tracking your SERP positions with rank tracking software as a method to establish whether your other activities are successful or not


– Your hosting your website on an “SEO Hosting Service”

– Your intentionally hosting sites on different IP address subnet blocks


3 “White Lies” Lies SEO Gurus Like To Tell

SEO’s love to tell you all sorts of things about SEO… whatever suits their agenda really.


SEO service providers often make SEO out to be some sort of crazy, difficult, magical and special thing that only they can do because of their extensive knowledge and experience… when in fact there are really just a few basic concepts that anyone can learn and follow and achieve the same results.


SEO Guru’s love to make out that their training or “SEO Secrets” are one of a kind and once you learn them you’ll easily be able to succeed. They often call it “special sauce” or “super-juice”. These techniques are usually just fads, small glitches in the engines which may work for now but will dry up sooner or later, and almost ALL of them fall under the area of Black Hat SEO (which is NOT a good thing)


And almost everyone and their dog – whether its an SEO professional or just some teenager trying to impress his friends – will manipulate the image of their rankings to show the best possible façade. I’m not saying they actually go into photoshop or paint and fake the images (some do) but I mean moreso that they’ll only show you pictures of some random top results, or just generally show you only the parts that are good – whilst covering up a whole lot of unsuccessful SEO stuff.


How To Safe Guard Yourself No Matter How Deep Down The Rabbit Hole You Are

The good news is that no matter what exactly your or your SEO provider has been doing when it comes to onpage or offpage SEO, you can actually “clean the slate” pretty easily.


Even better news is that I have detailed how to do this in an instructional training video which you can download for free by clicking here. This video will step by step show you how to register a new domain and hosting account in a very specific way.


It’s important you follow the instructions properly, because they’ll set you up for the further more advanced lessons which teach you how to “wipe you SEO clean”… It’s a foolproof method that works everytime. But only if you follow the instructions in the video to the letter.


If you have any questions or issues with the video, feel free to just post a comment to this page and I’ll help you out. If you are serious about cleaning up your SEO, download the video, register the hosting account and then contact me. I’ll help you do the rest for free.

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