What You Need To Know About Fiverr To Start Making Money Quickly

Fiverr.com is a fantastic way to make extra money, especially if you are only looking to make a bit of pocket change. The hard truth is though that the amount of people who actually run a full-fledged fiverr.com business and earn a full-time income from it is quite small.

On the other hand, the amount of people who are picking up all the loose change available by filling in the odd jobs millions that everyday people need done is pretty huge.

So the first thing to take into consideration is that if you want to make money on fiverr – or if you believe you are going to make a full-time income from it – be prepared to put in some effort.


Fiverr’s “Double Edged Sword”

Fortunately and/or unfortunately we live in a new, information-age driver, globalised, technology-enabled world where we can instantly contact almost anyone across the globe in a matter of seconds. This means we can now run businesses, carry out hobbies and activities, and do pretty much anything even more efficiently and effectively.

Anyone, any business and any business owner can now literally outsource easily, quickly and practically instantly… with no knowledge.

– Risk is removed via social feedback and comments.
– Tasks and job requirements and pre-sorted into menu’s and are at your finger tips with the click of a button.
– And if you don’t like what you get, the seller will review and redo it for you.

…This whole conundrum can be a blessing or a curse in many ways…

On one hand, we can have tasks that would cost $500 to be done locally completed for $50 by outsourcing them. On the other hand, our own jobs are disappearing, as our labour to complete work is no longer being used as it’s outsourced to cheaper service providers who can match the quality (and sometimes are actually better!)

The worst part? Almost anything that can be done on a computer or online nowadays (essentially every part of every online business) is too expensive to have completed locally compared to the cheap rates available overseas.

It’s crazy when you realise the reality of the situation: if you live in Australia, you can practically earn minimum wage and outsource your entire business for cheaper than it would be to do yourself.


The Nasty Truth About Fiverr.com Article Writing

We’re all aware of the outsourcing of local jobs to cheaper overseas counties that has occurred since the late 1980’s… it’s so common the ‘Indian IT Tech Support Guy’ is practically a cliche.

This expanded to Telemarketing, and other industries, plus grew to other country to include largely the Philippines. Filipino’s are especially attractive to Australian’s because they learn English from Birth and are in the same timezone.

Now we all know that when it comes to business, the cold hard truth is that profits matter and efficiency, effectiveness and results are really what counts. The bottom line, so to speak. And it’s the bottom line that has been sliced out of the article writing industry in the online arena.


Why You Could End Up Writing ‘A Snowballs Chance In Hell’ Article

The worst part is that most of the biggest article writing sellers on fiverr.com are actually huge online marketing houses who simply outsource work that comes to them.

Through the leverage of systems, work processes and reviewing and rewriting strategies they easily steamroll and squash almost all of the small time ‘single person, write one article at a time’ style sellers.’

Adding onto that the fact that their fiverr.com gigs are just ONE of their many inlet channels for customer requests, or in other words simply a ‘fiverr request article writing department’ next to the ‘website request article writing department’ and the ‘ongoing customer/contracted article writing department’…

This all means that they can BULK outsource at ridiculously cheap prices; cutting the sale price to get more customers plus also keeping more profit for themselves.

Essentially, with no fiverr reputation, no gigs, no leverage to create/write articles, you have pretty much no chance of making much money.

(just in case you need a reminder)

Because there are are 25million Filipino’s in Manilla alone who will do it cheaper (that’s more than the whole population of Australia) PLUS you are simple 1 person vs a massive ‘Google/Microsoft/Apple style company in the Article Writing/Online Writing arena!

Sorry to burst your bubble.

There is good news though.

You CAN make a lot of money (or a little bit of money, it’s your choice) writing articles on Fiverr, you simply need to do it in a way that destroys these massive roadblocks… and avoid the common problems most people get stumped by which is why they fail.

If you want to know How To Avoid The Most Common Fiverr Article Writing Business Mistakes click here to read the next post.

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