What Is The Function Of Cross Linking

What Is The Function Of Cross Linking


Hey, so I assume you mean cross linking for SEO purposes. The function of it is to share the inherent domain strength, page rank, trust flow, citation flow, anchor text weights, backlink weights and dozens and dozens of other off-page SEO indicators between two sites.


Those are pretty technical terms for you, eh? Well, first off, you can just google those terms and study them to further know about what cross linking is. It is really easy. It’s not that technical, it is if you delve deep on those techie terms, but if you see the logic of it, you can see that it is indeed easy.


Really, it’s a weak form of doing off-page SEO. Cross linking, just like reciprocal linking is weak, poor, and ineffective and if anything damaging to your sites SEO.


Really, one way links, direct links are what you want, because then you are not sending out all the SEO goodness to the other site.


IT ALL DEPENDS on how you implement it…


For example, when you register your new site it will be brand new and have NO SEO strength at all.

In your articles that you post to WCS.net you can put a link that points to rosedailywriting.com


This will increase the SEO strength of your site and would be the strongest way.




You’re going to aggregate your content/posts from WCS to your site so that you can get the benefits of that as well.


To make it clear to Google, on your site rosedailywriting.com you’ll CROSS-LINK your name on your author profile to your name on your author profile on WCS.


This is a real, smart, legitimate, correct use of cross-linking because we aren’t doing it with the intention to manipulate google, we are cross-linking the author profiles/pages so that it’s clear that YOU are the author of the content.


Google then understands that you are authoring this and that is why we will not receive any duplicate content issues etc.


As you write more articles and post them to WCS, you’ll have more and more DIRECT links from WCS to rosedailywriting.com (which are the strongest and best links). This will continue to build you SEO authority etc.


Now, actually because WCS is so old and strong etc., even the cross link will benefit you (when most of the time crosslinking is a waste of time because it doesn’t do anything) because it’s like I’m sending HEAPS of juice out of the crosslink to you (because I’m old and that) but you aren’t sending out anything because you’re a brand new site…


That last paragraph is why some guys try to cross link with anyone… because they are weaker and know they’ll be getting more sent to them then they’ll be sending out…


Another good way to do cross linking is to put your keywords in it. By joining the focused on your chosen keywords in the stay content of inside connections, you can enhance the rankings of your inward pages for those particular terms. Also by utilizing different varieties of the same pivotal word or expression you can accomplish better results for a more extensive scope of terms and keep away from spam & bans. By and by have as a top priority that you ought not try too hard on the grounds that by having an excess of watchwords in the grapple content, by utilizing keyword stuffing strategies (which I really don’t recommend by the way) or by including an intemperate number of interior connections you won’t accomplish better results. Unexpectedly you will likely start up a Google Spam sign and you are put to the hazard of getting banned.

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