Gary King – Can We Trust Ex-JP Morgan Staff?

From 1990 to 2008 Gary King held senior leadership positions in JPMorgan Chase. This would cover the period of both the 1999 and the 2008 recessions, in which a key player was Mr. King’s ex-employer – JPMorgan Chase! So when you hear King talk about investment strategy and wealth creation at a seminar you attend, would you be willing to trust him?

What would make an audience have faith in anything that Gary King might advise or recommend?

A trust betrayed?

Given his association with an organization that precipitated the financial crises, Gary King would be an unlikely candidate to inspire good stewardship of investor’s money. But is that really fair?

  • Gary King has had a stellar record when it comes to managing and investing his client’s money, both within and outside of JPMorgan Chase
  • He has worked closely with senior leadership of trusted organizations such as the Bank of England
  • He has a documented history of managing billions of dollars of client assets without a whiff of scandal attached to his performance

Given this track record, his critics would be hard pressed to demonstrate that King had anything directly to do with the betrayed trust of his ex-employer.

A perfect steward of wealth

Attendees at a seminar or workshop where King speaks will benefit greatly from his views on the global economy. Who better to explain what went wrong during the worst financial crisis in recent memory than someone that was in the trenches when it happened.

Whether you are in a senior financial leadership position, or just an ordinary citizen striving to build your financial portfolio safely, there can be no better individual to guide you through these uncertain times than Gary King.  He has the knowledge, experience and the insight that’s required to make your wealth grow and thrive in today’s uncertain global economy.

Build your wealth with a plan

Though Gary King is associated by previous employment with the now infamous JPMorgan Chase, his track record has shown nothing but honest regard for his clients’ money. He has diligently used his skills to further his client’s wealth creation goals.

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