George Aitken – Is It Worth Attending His Talks? PLUS: Find Out And Win FREE Gifts!

George Aitken is keen to lend you money! As a Director at XLX Pty Limited, an Australian group of investors that specialize in financing projects in the energy and resources sectors, when he addresses a gathering of eager attendees at his talk events his message usually is: Now is the best time to invest in new projects! Should investors and mining executives really believe that? Or is it that Aitken and his team are so desperate to reel in clients that they will go to any length to get a client?

If that hypothesis is true, then is it time and money worth spending attending a George Aitken seminar or speaking engagement?

Is Making Money That Easy?

Investment companies have been the primary cause for the world’s most recent financial crises. Why then should anyone believe Aitken when he tells them to invest now? The facts actually support the case for now being a great time to invest:

  • With interest rates at historic lows, advice from George Aitken to pour money into cash starved projects now makes sense
  • With recent talk that the Federal Reserve bank in the U.S is considering monetary easing, it is highly likely that interest rates around the world, including Australia and its neighboring regions, would rise shortly
  • If that happens, it may make financing a project much more expensive 6 months from today

While critics may be (somewhat) right in ascribing other motives for Aitken and his team to encourage investment, the economic motivation for investors to do just that is based on reality.

Why Believe Investment Managers?

Attendees at an investment conference couldn’t go wrong heeding advice from George Aitken and his team. When Aitken speaks, he brings with him solid investment origination, structuring and execution experience to the podium. At XLX, he is also accountable for the ongoing stewardship of a vast investment portfolio.

As a director at XLX, Aitken knows what he is talking about when urging miners to spend now. Their recent investment projects, including projects like Malabar Coal Limited, Titan Energy Services Limited , Apollo Gas Limited and Illawarra Coke Company are proof galore that the climate for investment is ripe now.

Financing The Future

George Aitken and his team at XLX Pty Ltd. have done an admirable job of financing the future of many miners and resource extracting companies at home and abroad. But for Australian’s considering financing their personal futures Stuart Zadel’s excellent book Think and Grow Rich makes for great reading. For those that order the book online, a FREE hard-copy will be delivered to your address.

And once you have a high-level plan for financing your personal future in place, why not attend a wealth creation seminar to learn more about executing that plan to build your personal fortune. Register your FREE ticket today because I know how quickly seats fill up for a cracker of an event like this!!!

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