Gold currently the highest price of all time in AUD…

Gold is currently the highest price it has been in FOREVER! (in AUD

AUD gold is 84 times the price of silver per ounce. USD its 82… i think we all know it’s meant to be a fifth of that…

so hoard physical silver… if it’s good enough for JP Morgan to have over $300billion of physical silver surely it’s good enough for us too?

brexit silver went $5 an ounce up in 5 months… last 2 months silver has gone up $2 an ounce… 2010 GFC saw silver double in 1 year.

sure you missed the USD$14/ounce silver dip… and it could very most likely settle into its $16-$18~$17/ounce holding pattern… but it has burst $1 a month for 6 months before and very well could be on a charging bull run.

get in while its low… i.e. under $40/ounce 😇

You can see the pull back here, similar to previous ones… the general sentiment is still very bullish though, so these are great times to get in at a lower price

this exact pullback is nice time to get in if will rally again. you think ‘surely, it’s done…’ think again.

vote RED or BLUE (admin should start poll)… winner gets my next new shirt!

3cents an ounce in 30days… makes me want to cry… i don’t know why… i just made a fucktonne… but i feel like i missed out on the time to buy…

Can anyone explain to me the reason why?

is it greed or fear? my mentor taught me those are the two controlling emotions when investing… i feel greed, because i wished I had of bought a tonne 1 month ago and made more more… i feel fear, that it’s hitting it’s main points of resistance and will either go into holding pattern or back down… i feel stupid, because, the plan has and always was ‘just keep buying it dood, it’s hedge, and its fucking cheap no matter if its $19AUD/ounce $22AUD/ounce fuck $25AUD/ounce who cares just buy it as % of your portfolio as hedge. i dunno.

anything happening with gold? 👍😭😆👏😂😇😊😱💤💵😉🐰👌😁😄💋🙄⛏🏧😏😔😜🤘😢😰💑🕶😎😒🔑😀❤️💪😐😡😙😵😘😅😶🖕😣

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