Google Trends and Google Medic Update – What you need to know as an investor

Google Trends is one of the most powerful free tools available on the Internet. Whether you are in the market looking to purchase websites or make money online, Google Trends is your number one solution provider. Since the launch of this tool in 2008, everyone has been using it to market analysis and insight. Here are three ways how Google Trends has been helping people all over the world:

Check your website brand health

When you are an individual who is trying to measure awareness of various brands, it becomes challenging to get access to the right data. With Google Trends, you can compare different queries in search engines and see how they perform. The best part of this feature is that you can find out the location, popularity, and search volume. With this type of information, you can find out if it is worthwhile to invest in an unknown business.

Look for niche subjects according to geography

With Google Trends, you can not only identify the popularity of services and products, but also where they are showing an upward trend. For example, during the colder months, there will be a boost in winter clothes in areas where it snows, due to the demand from consumers.

Once you collect and analyze this data, you will discover new markets which you had no idea even existed. For instance, you want to invest in a vendor who specializes in selling smartphone covers. When a business launches a new phone only for the UK market, there will be a huge demand for accessories. If you provide the necessary capital, there is a high chance you will get high return on investment (ROI).

Understand seasonal trends

Depending on when people are looking for services and products, you can make the right decisions. For instance, if you own a website which sells medicines, and there is a flu outbreak, you can start marketing about them. As a result, you will observe a massive boost in your business.

One of the best aspects of Google Trends is that it gives you the opportunity to identify when things are the most popular. When you have this tool, you can take a look at data from any time of the day. It has the ability to provide information which is five years old. It also gives you the freedom to select from a myriad of time ranges, according to your requirements.

Impact of Google Medic Update

On August 1st 2018, Google updated their search engine algorithm and rolled it out within the week. The search engine giants announced the change on Twitter to keep everyone up-to-date. Google makes frequent updates to their algorithms to improve their services. Most of the time, the company doesn’t provide a lot of details regarding the update, other than the fact that it enhances the search results.

However, the change introduced had a huge negative impact on website rankings, mainly health-based ones. Upon closer inspection, the sites affected by the update are ones who follow a specific pattern. In other words, the websites which offer affiliate links, reviews, and advice are the ones who suffered heavily from the algorithm upgrade. For instance, sites which talk about medical devices, nutrition, and diet fared horribly after the change in code.

According to Google, these websites are not safe for the average consumers, especially when they don’t have a lot of authority on the internet. As a result, these sites can impact the finances and mental health of users.

What should you do as an investor?

When you are the type of person who wants to make money online, you will have the question –whether you should continue investing in websites, especially health-based ones. To be honest, there are no right answers, as you can look at this situation in several angles. Fortunately, there are several techniques which will help you make an informed decision, eliminating the changes introduced by updates such as Google Medic Update.

Always do your research

Before you choose to invest in any new website or be involved in affiliate marketing, you need to do your research. You can use Google Trends for this purpose, as it gives you an idea of how the products and services fare at the moment.

Don’t fall prey to false promises

When you get in touch with vendors, they will inform you that they have taken the necessary action to resolve the problems from Google Medic Update. Keep in mind, there are no quick solutions to combat the negative effects of this change. However, you should avoid taking their word, until you have put in the time and effort to understand if this is true.

As always, make sure you do your homework when it comes to making online, so that you can reap the benefits from your investments!

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