And What is Grey Hat Seo?

And What is Grey Hat Seo?


You knew about black hat SEO and white hat SEO, now you want to know what Gray hat SEO is? I wonder why. Of course, it’s always good to learn, learning is knowledge. And you want your sites to benefit. You want to earn more, don’t you? Read on, my friend.


What Is Grey Hat SEO And Is It Legal?


Gray hat SEO is a more riskier way to use SEO that the white hat strategy. Of course it is best to use than the black hat. You want to stay away from black hat. Your site might get burned or banned. Gray hat SEO is considered legal. This is as long as you are using more of white hat than black hat. But how do you balance this?


At the point when using gray hat systems you would do things that the internet searchers may not particularly object to, but rather clearly aren’t “great” practices. White hat is the ‘great’ practice. In a nutshell, the white hat SEO would be wiser than using black hat, but white hat is greater than gray hat. Though, gray hat is usually used because, yet it is riskier, it is sometimes more effective. But that depends on your mentor.


Is grey hat seo the same as black hat SEO?


Gray hat SEO is technically and obviously different from black hat SEO. As I have said, black hat techniques are condemned in the internet. Try searching those keywords and you will see a lot of results swearing off black hat SEO. Firstly, because it is bad. White hat is the good one. But what of gray hat? This is our ugly duckling or our prodigal son of SEO. He’s been bad, but he’s good. SO he’s a mix of bad and good. SEO can’t just curse him, because there is good in him.

Examples of Gray Hat SEO


These are systems that can give you a slight point of interest, yet may not take after Google’s rules 100%. This implies there could be some danger included, though a low one. These are not to be mistaken for black hat strategies, which can give you a significantly more prominent focused edge, however convey a vast danger.


Examples include:


  • Higher keyword density in content. Not necessarily keyword stuffing, but still enough to make it look unnatural to the users.
  • Making use of the same content to publish on multiple sites through article spinning.
  • Making low authority links with directory farms and other “relevant” but low authority pages and posts.
  • Buying links from a third party.



Can your website be shutdown from grey hat seo?


It really depends, you know. It depends on the strategy you use no matter what SEO hat you are using. It depends on your domain and hosting, your mentor, your timing. You have a lot to know, kid. SO I suggest you watch my free video about this topic and you have nothing to lose.


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