What Would Happen If You’ve Become An Entrepreneur?


You can sometimes feel your bed’s gravity when waking up, especially if you’re feeling monday blues. Well, you can freely do that if you own your business. You can do whatever you want if the business you’re working is yours. It is one of the good sides of being a self-made entrepreneur. The time is in your hand.

Being a self-made entrepreneur takes a lot of things to be done, as well as different stages to take on. It takes some extra effort in working the first phase of being an entrepreneur, but all the hard works will be worth it all after you have done all the necessities.

In my previous articles, I’m encouraging you to work online as your first step of 1) changing your life and 2) making money. In working online, there are two kinds of people to be classified. The one that gives the job, or the so-called employers and the one that does the job, or the so-called employees. Which of these two are you?

Now, it is in your own choice to choose from these two. Will you be the employer? Or you will be the employee? Either of these two, are good. There’s nothing wrong if you choose to be an employee or not. What really matters is that both of these positions benefit from the job offered.

Being the employer, which can also be called as an entrepreneur, have pros and cons.

The PROS of being an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur, all the control is yours. You are the one who will decide on what works to do, and what things fit your strength, skills and abilities. The time is also in your hand. You have the freedom to schedule your work, to manage your time in both your work and family, and to make other commitments, etc.

The CONS of being an Entrepreneur

However, there are also a few disadvantages of being an entrepreneur. Though you own the decision-making and that it can be a benefit, it can also be your burden. Being an entrepreneur is not a thing called “easy-go-lucky”. Even though you have your workers, you will still be busy working with a lot of paperwork. Your working schedule is also unpredictable.

Being such an entrepreneur, the pressure is in you. You need to be responsible and competitive, as you need to check out your business every time. It’s a competition, and you need to be in the flow. The success and failure of your business is in your hand. Being said, your income can also be at risk.


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