Haran Siva – Would You Pay To Hear Him Speak? Learn More And Win FREE Prizes Too!

As a CFO or CEO of a company, would you pay to hear Haran Siva and his team advise an audience on hedging strategies? Knowing that it was hedging companies and hedge fund managers that are primarily responsible for some of the major financial scandals of our times, are you willing to risk listening to one?

Students of the current financial crises are apt to strongly advise against listening to or attending any seminar, workshop or speaking event where someone like Haran Siva might advocate using hedging strategies in financial deals.  But would they be right?

Taking Risks To Create Wealth

Business today is all about managing risks. And most CFOs, CIOs or CEOs try their best to mitigate risk in any way possible. Since creating wealth for their shareholders and their investors is a primary motivation, they use hedging as a mitigation strategy. And:

  • Haran Siva and his team know a lot about the use of hedging as a means for minimizing risks
  • Siva uses his 20+ years as a banker, debt financer, risk analyst, Chartered Accountant and tax expert to advise clients on how to hedge and make money
  • His reputation with companies such as Price Waterhouse, Deloitte, BNP Paribas Edison Investment Research, and more recently with Noah’s Rule, make him adequately qualified to advise his clients on hedging and risk mitigation

Given that an audience listening to Haran Siva speak are really receiving sound advice based on solid experience, it may be well worth attending one of his speaking engagements.

Gaining From Experience

Not many speakers on the talk circuit understand corporate financing and deal structuring as well as Haran Siva does. And as an independent adviser to large corporations, Siva and his team of experts are well qualified to act as a sounding board for corporations to test their own risk management strategies. It is these collective experiences that can help companies truly build wealth for all of their stakeholders.

Critics of the banks and financial institutions that lead the world into the current financial mess may look at independent hedging advisers with suspicion. However, it is highly likely that had such independent advice been available to the “rogue institutions” back then, the world could have been spared many a financial woe!

How Can You Create Wealth?

Miners, large corporations and multi-national companies have all gained from the advice Haran Siva has offered them over the years. These entities have helped investors and shareholders accumulate vast amounts of wealth in the process. But what options for creating wealth can ordinary Australians exploit?

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