Ian Stephens – Is He Real Or A Fraud? Find Out And You Can Win A FREE Gift!

Attendees at an Ian Stephens speaking event often sum it up with words like “powerful”, “uplifting”, “engaging”, “entertaining”, “informative” and “energetic”. Stephens is acclaimed as a productivity boosting speaker. But many detractors would argue that his message rings hollow. If mere words and energetic workshops and seminars could help turn businesses around, then why would unemployment be so high?

Many Australians wonder if what Stephens is offering can really help companies to increase revenue then why would so many of them file for bankruptcy? Does Stephens bring value to his audiences, or is he merely a fraud?

The REAL Truth Explained

It is a well known fact that when individuals focus on a task they are more likely to accomplish it successfully than when their attention is divided. The same is true about small businesses and large corporations. Because of his diverse skills:

  • Ian Stephens can talk on Business Development
  • He weaves a powerful message on Creating a Rock-Star Customer Service Experience
  • He also speaks about Tapping the Talent of Generation Types

Essentially, Ian Stephens specializes in helping workforces bring focus to their objectives. His seminars, workshops and speaking engagements are very energetic, often laced with entertaining props from his National Speedball Championship days. And it is that kind of engagement that resonates with his audience.

So for those that question whether what Stephens says has relevance to the struggle that ordinary working-class citizens go through every day, the answer is YES! He is skilled at what he does – which is unlocking the hidden secrets to customer service, peak performance, team-building, sales effectiveness, and dynamic leadership. And that’s exactly what audiences testify to receiving at Ian’s events.

Delivering Results

You don’t get the title of ‘Australia’s No. 1 Peak Performance Coach’ without earning it. And that’s the title that Ian Stephens has earned amongst Australian and international speakers. When a workforce is motivated, it immediately shows in their performance. The practical productivity enhancing tools that Stephens delivers creates an immediate boost to many organizations’ bottom lines.

But it is not just bottom lines that Ian helps improve. When a company prospers it is likely that they will expand their operations. And with expansion comes jobs. And where there are jobs you’ll see thriving communities of well-to-do individuals and groups. By amplifying the motivation levels in an existing workforce, Stephens indirectly produces a domino effect that ultimately culminates in amplifying overall economic growth and prosperity across the nation.

Amplifying Your Wealth

Ian Stephens knows a lot about amplifying. Amongst the topics he speaks to include Amplifying Staff Engagement, Amplifying Your Personal Productivity, and Amplifying Your Sales Results. But when Australians want to amplify their wealth creation, they often turn to Stuart Zadel – the undisputed king of investment and personal wealth building. And now you can receive a FREE hardcopy of Zadel’s book Think and Grow Rich by simply ordering it online.

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