Kathy Keele – Is It Worth Attending Her Talks? Plus Receive a FREE Gift!

When Kathy Keele speaks at seminars and workshops across Australia and around the globe, one of her passionate topics is greater community participation in arts programs and cultural events. But with so much else going on in their lives – taxes, unemployment, inflation, economic uncertainty, job security – ordinary Australians wonder whether what Keele has to say is relevant to their lives today.

If you had all of those challenges ahead of you, should you consider attending one of Keele’s talks? Could someone like Keele really ignite your passion?

Uncovering The Real Ms. Keele!

Someone like Kathy Keele CEO, Australia Council for the Arts might not seem relevant at first blush to ordinary Australians working hard to build their wealth. But when you listen to her message, and become aware of her credentials, it is likely that you will walk away with a whole new respect for her.

  • Kathy Keele is a former Executive General Manager Marketing, Strategic Development & Communication, Siemens Limited Australia – New Zealand
  • She is an ex-Managing Director – Telstra mobile
  • Former Director Corporate Communications, BHP Ltd; and
  • A past Manager Strategic Marketing and Product Development, BHP Steel International

But more importantly, everyday Australians CAN relate to what she has to say because in her own words, she knows what it means “…living in a big family with little money…”

It’s true that Kathy Keele developed a passion for and champions the arts and culture, but her message is one that can be translated into a road map for individuals to equip themselves for a better future. Through more vigorous involvement in cultural initiatives will come a sense of community, self, family and place. And those are the building blocks for individuals to achieve independence and self reliance.

Is She A Messenger Worth Listening To?

Kathy Keele speaks on a broad range of topics, including Managing and Developing International Markets, Brand and Reputation Management and Development, Leadership and sustainable community arts and cultural initiatives. She is articulate and passionate about the subjects she speaks on. So when the audience hears her message, they get a genuine sense of authenticity from her.

Many messengers on the talk circuits today were born with silver spoons in their mouths. But not so for Keele! It is this humble beginning that makes her a messenger worth listening to. Whether she talks about governments and local communities participating in public service programs, or speaks to an audience of CEO’s and business leaders about leadership challenges in today’s difficult environment. Her message of self reliance is one that resonates especially strongly today for ordinary Australians.

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Kathy Keele of the Australia Council of the Arts certainly presents her case forcefully for direct community participation and involvement in cultural and arts initiatives across Australia. Her keynote addresses around Brand and Reputation Management and Leadership are also a rich source of long-term inspiration to attendees. However, individual Australians can take action NOW to grow rich themselves by ordering a FREE hardcopy of Stuart Zadel’s classic book Think and Grow Rich.

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