Is Kevin Bailey All He Claims to Be? Find Out The REAL Truth Here!

Recent headlines are filled with not so flattering news about wealth building and financial planning speakers like Kevin Bailey.  As a result, Australians have come to frown upon the wealth building and wealth management profession in general with suspicion.

The global financial crises was precipitated by the financial industry, which adds some credence to the suspicions. Many citizens of the world, including Australians, believe that the root causes for the global financial ills can be laid squarely at the feet of professionals in the financial industry.

The Real Truth Exposed!

So, can financial planners and wealth management experts like Kevin Bailey really be trusted to put the interests of their clients before their own? Or do they simply use their speaking tours and lecturing opportunities as ways to market their products and services?

Looking at Bailey’s track record, one may be forced to agree that he is a cut above the rest of his peers. That is precisely why he is a sought after speaker around the world on topics related to business, leadership and finance.

  • Kevin Bailey has received the Distinguished Service Award for his contributions to the financial planning and wealth management industry
  • He is the recipient of the Financial Planner of the Year award
  • He has been recognized as the highest rated independent advisor by rating agency “Advisor Ratings”

The truth is that the Kevin Bailey story is REAL! These recognitions and awards do not come lightly, and are based on feedback from clients, colleagues and industry peers. It is no wonder then that all of Bailey’s speaking events are so sought after. Participants are on record saying they have attended his events repeatedly because they found them so informative and uplifting.

Gaining from a professional’s perspective

With two books to his credit, ‘Your Money Guide’ and ‘Money Guide 2’, frequent radio talk back shows, regular finance columns published in the Herald Sun, Kevin Bailey has provided objective financial advice to his readers, viewers and clients. It is this professional perspective that has lead him to serve as an expert witness on finance and financial planning matters.

Attendees at a Bailey event come away with a much better understanding of their own financial situation, and what they need to do to in order to get their financial house in order. And being a “Fee For Service” provider himself makes Kevin a much more credible speaker and advisor than many others in the industry.

Building Your Own Wealth

The Kevin Bailey story is one of service and dedication to the financial and wealth management profession in Australia. But it also highlights the need for ordinary Australians to take wealth building seriously. If you wish to get a head start in creating your own fortune then ask for your FREE hardcopy of Stuart Zadel’s book Think and Grow Rich. But the best way to super charge your wealth building efforts is by attending a wealth creation seminar today. Register your FREE ticket today because I know how quickly seats fill up for a cracker of an event like this!!!

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