Kevin McElligott – Would you REALLY Invest Based On What He Says? Learn More PLUS A Chance Of Winning FREE Gifts!

When Kevin McElligott speaks at a resource or mining convention, industry watchers and investors alike take notice. Articulate, elegant and knowledgeable about the mining sector, McElligott has lots to say about where the industry is headed, and about the opportunities for financing it.

But as an investor or a venture financier would it really make sense to attend a forum where a mining company executive like Kevin McElligott is slated to speak? Given the dire state that many miners find themselves in today, would it be advisable to invest in the sector based on McElligott’s experiences?

Making The Right Call!

So why should someone pay to attend an event where executives from gold mining and other resource prospecting companies are primed to ask for investments? Well, when it comes to making a call on whether to attend such an event, you need to first consider whether speakers like McElligott are indeed credible:

  • Kevin McElligott is a Chartered Accountant by qualification
  • He has been working with one of the more reputable global mining companies since 1996
  • He has been the Managing Director of their Australian operations since 2008
  • And he has lots of expertise when it comes to business development and portfolio administration in oil & gas, platinum group metals and other resource operations

With a background like that McElligott is well qualified to deliver valuable advice to his audience, whether they are executives and senior management of mining companies, or potential investors and venture capitalists. A decision to attend one of his sessions will be the right call!

Can You Expect Value For Money?

Because Kevin McElligott represents a mining company, he may be biased in his views about the future of the industry. There may therefore be an argument made that participants might not get value for their money. However, the peer respect that McElligott commands and the fact that he represents one of the more prestigious mining companies in the world make his views more credible than some non-mainstream speakers and panelists.

It is precisely this credibility, coupled with the vast industry knowledge that he brings to the podium that makes McElligott such a valuable speaker. Participants at any forum where he is on the panel are sure to receive excellent value for the time and money they invest in the event.

Building Your Personal Fortune

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