What Is A Keyword And Why Are They Important – A Simple Explanation

What Is A Keyword And Why Are They Important – A Simple Explanation

The title says it all, doesn’t it? But what you probably don’t realise is that you are going to learn more than you bargained for when you come to read this page now. Do read this page and learn how to create great impact keywords, learn what they are, learn more about SEO, and more.

Surprising Information About What A Keyword Is

OK, so keywords are keywords right? Right?… Wrong?… Well, what is a keyword already?


Depends on who you ask really. If you ask Joe Bloe, he probably doesn’t know. If you ask an SEO, they’ll say they know – but do they? No!


When it comes to a search engine, a keyword means everything to them. It’s the word you shove into their little box that makes them whiz and burr and tingle with delight.


But to someone doing PPC, a keyword means a totally different thing. Therefore, “what is a keyword” is pretty complex question to answer.


Keywords have their uses. You might have really good keywords but you might be using them in a wrong way, for example, in a black hat SEO strategy. Do you know about black hat, gray hat and white hat SEO strategy? Do you happen to know any white hat SEO software that can help you create amazing keywords? No? Read on to know more about keywords, SEO and wizardry.


When It Comes To Keywords, Size Really Does Matter

For the most part, all day everyday we’re all dealing with keyword phrases… multiple words in a phrase. Because technically a keyword is a single word. And just like you typed something into Google or another search engine like “what is a keyword” and found this page, chances are you typed in more than one word which means it’s a keyword phrase.


This is important, and matters the most. Because the longer the phrase, the easier to boast – of you ranking for it that is. Because in SEO or in PPC, the longer the keyword phrase the easier it’s going to be.


The Quickest Way To Discover The Perfect Keyword For You

Whether you’re a searcher looking for an answer, or one of those evil Internet Marketers pulling another one of their tricks, the keyword you choose has to be right, thrown in with the perfect mix.


There’s a simple and easy way to discover what it is, it’s a matter of letting your mind go blank and allowing it to pop in. That’s all that is required, simply a bout of silence. But those that truly allow themselves to do this are few and far between.


Damn I ruined my rhyme. Whoops.


Individually Designed… There’s Nothing Quite Like It…


Anyways, back to the REAL topic at hand. Nothing like keywords or SEO or PPC matters until you have you foundations setup properly. You need to be setup with a reliable host, have a locked-down secure setup and done all the prep-work done right for any of that stuff to matter.

If you are using Google to search keywords or any other analytics software or plugin, you should be really careful. Yes, it helps and it’s automated, but you need to do some manual work too. You need to research which analytics is best for you. If you want to know how I did this all to my very own sites, just follow my instructions carefully.


So if you’d like to learn how to actually get setup online the RIGHT way… simple download this free video and follow it’s instructions. It’s completely free, I’m not even asking you to type your email into this website to get it. Just click this link to download it now, and do yourself a favour – signup and get setup the safe way.

I really sincerely hope that you get a lot of value out of it. If you have any questions or issues with the video, feel free to just post a comment to this page and I’ll help you out.

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