9 Hilarious Types of Diet that Works


Diet has been one of the methods that most of us do in order to lose weight. Diet simply means restricting yourself from eating a certain amount or kinds of food, more particularly, to lose your weight.

Though there are many ways to lose your weight (like exercising and taking pills), I have here a list of 9 Effective Types of Diet that will surely work for you.


erbgutanalyse-schwangerschaft1) Blood Type DietScience says that eating bad food protein can cause illness or disease in your body. So the aim of this diet is to avoid eating bad food protein in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle. To make this happen, you are restricted to eat certain kinds of foods according to the blood type you have. Consulting with a dietitian before conducting this diet is a must.




Maarten Baas, "Grandfather Clock", Real time serie2) 3-Hour Diet – The concept of this diet involves a practice in which you will eat a small amount of meat every three hours each day. A scientific theory says that if you eat constantly, your metabolism will run continuously, thus, causing your fats to be burned in your body.




3) Cabbage Soup Diet – From the name itself, this diet enc8378715930_1bba0261bd_zourages you to eat limited amounts of cabbage soup for a week, as your primary food. This diet will surely help you to lose weight immediately.





tcc-pink-grapefruit-600_04) Grapefruit Diet – From the name itself (just like the Cabbage Soup Diet), this diet encourages you to include grapefruit or grapefruit juice in every meal you eat. In this diet, your intake of protein and starch meal are also kept for at least 4 hours apart.





Pork_loin_ham_25) Atkins Diet – This diet encourages you to prioritize eating lean protein and low-starch vegetable. This simply means that when you’re doing this kind of diet, you should avoid intake of much carbohydrates such as flour.



Lemonade26) Master Clean Diet – Is a liquid diet used to detoxify your body and to lose your weight. It includes three phases, namely, Ease-In, The Lemonade Diet, and Ease-Out. You will achieve a healthy and energized body with this kind of diet, while removing your body toxins and while you’re losing weight.

images7) Macrobiotic Diet – The main concept of this type of diet is a combination of Buddhism and Western culture and belief. This diet encourages you to give more focus on eating fresh seafood and organic foods. This practice will also help you achieve physical and mental harmony.


3834583733_aeb387b7358) The Zone Diet – You will have a food plan when doing this kind of diet. Your food plan will include a balance ratio of foods to intake, such as carbohydrates, protein and fat.





fitness-332278_640 9) Best Life Diet – This diet aims to change your lifestyle, from your way of eating to your daily habits. The physical and emotional changes that you will achieve by doing this diet will last for a lifetime.




ALERT! Consult a doctor before making any diet listed above. A good research would also be highly recommended to know these diets more.

Being on a diet doesn’t only focus on the foods you eat, but also to the lifestyle you’re living. To truly achieve a healthier body, you should balance every aspect of your life.

I’m doing the BEST LIFE DIET. I decided to change my lifestyle for good. I am now in control of eating, I also choose the RIGHT foods to eat, and I also exercise every other morning. I tried enjoying mental games, like puzzles, to exercise my mind. I sometimes do yoga to refresh my inner soul.

Well, I feel better. Believe me. It really works! I feel energized and renewed, since that day that I’ve started.

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Good luck!
Rose Daily

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