Knowing Chris Gray-The Investment Property Author

Learn all about Investment Property with the expert himself, Chris Gray. He is one of the Australia’s leading independent investment property experts that offer powerful strategies to home buyers and investors to create wealth through property investment.

Get to know more about Chris Gray.

He is the host of “Your Property Empire” on the Sky Business News Channel and the financial judge on Channel 10’s, “The Renovators”. He provided property advice on Channel 9, major Australian radio programs, metropolitan newspaper in Australia, property magazines and trade journals. He is featured in various magazines such as The Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Life magazine, Sunday Times, The Advertiser, Sunday Mail, Your Investment Property, Australian Property Investor, Your Mortgage, Real Estate Institute of NSW Journal, Australian Broker and more.

As a speaker and presenter, he offers a new and fresh approach to property investing. He teaches investors and home owners how they can maximize their investment by leveraging their time, income and equity. He also presents new strategies that are easy to understand and follow which is proven to be powerful and life changing for home buyers and investors.

He has a vast experience in the property market. Being a qualified accountant, mortgage broker and buyer’s agent, he excels in every presentation he has. He is a mentor to his Empire clients that has been personally teaching them how to build an income from their property investment. He can relate well to all types of property buyers and investors. He has spoken to different audiences, including schoolchildren, young adults, professionals, parents, CEO and a lot more.

Chris published two books which can be downloaded for Free.

His first book is, The Effortless Empire: The time-poor professionals guide to building wealth from property (2008). This explains how you can create your own personal property empire without increasing your salary and without sacrificing your lifestyle.

This teaches you the step-by-step process of property investing, by showing you:

  • How property can fund your entire lifestyle
  • Property compared with others forms of investment
  • The various types of property investments
  • How to select the most profitable portfolio
  • How to begin investing in property

Another book is the, Go For Your Life: How to turn your weekdays into weekends through property investing (2005). This is a practical guide that forces the reader to face facts about their current situation, and tells them what they need to do to start investing in property.

Copies of these books are available upon special request.

For media enquiries or to book Chris, you can call Julia Nekich on:

T: (02) 9279 3330
M: 0410 796 800
F: (02) 8078 0212

or alternatively, you can fill in the enquiry form on Chris Gray’s contact page. Just simply click the link now.

If in case you are not able to contact him, you can have another option. Start reading a book for FREE? This will coach you so many things about investing and how to get rich too. You will know more stuff on property investment in Australia. This will give you all the information and knowledge that you need to know if you are interested with the Australian real estate market.

The book already helped a lot of property investors and this time it could be you. Take time to read and know more about investing in the Australian property industry. Get a copy now.

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