Lauren Anderson – Are Her Ideas Really Relevant Today? Find Out What People REALLY Think!

Lauren Anderson talks about the concept of Collaborative Consumption all across the globe today. The concept is rather futuristic, involving a world where governments, groups and individuals will place premium value on access to goods and services over ownership of them. And their focus will shift from valuing the experiences they get from those goods and services as opposed to simply owning or using them.

So is the world truly ready to embrace such radical concepts today? Or is Anderson simply playing to a select audience in order to boost her own popularity? Great questions indeed and ones that merit further review!

A Futuristic Thinker

The Collaborative Consumption concept espoused by Lauren Anderson has been hailed by TIME as one of the few ideas in the coming years that “…will change the world.” Realistically though, it a concept that returns us back to the past by reviving concepts like Bartering, Swapping, Renting and Exchanging.

And just as any new concept must first germinate well before it hatches, so too it is with Collaborative Consumption.  Through this futuristic model of global consumption:

  • Lauren Anderson sees opportunities for entrepreneurs to more easily resource their plans
  • She believes the concept helps businesses – small and large – and governments scale their plans
  • And it enables business and community leaders to quickly grow their plans

And while the concept itself is not very futuristic in and of itself, the evolution of modern technology is making its revival more practical today.

Will Collaborative Consumption Really Work?

Even though critics may say this is a concept that is not yet ripe for its implementation today, organizations like SXSW Interactive, Fast Company, GigaOm, UNEP Future of Sustainable Lifestyles and Entrepreneurship, CPA Australia and the Brightest Young Minds Summit will respectfully beg to differ.

These and many organizations around the globe have had Lauren Anderson deliver keynote speeches and talks on the subject to their clients, employees and sponsors. As a prolific speaker, renowned author and passionate champion of the concept, Lauren has been able to convince a growing following of the validity of the idea behind the concept.

To the detractors of the idea behind this revolutionary consumption model, Lauren Anderson simply points to the most successful Collaborative Consumption organization today – that followed by eBay. And if that doesn’t convince cynics that it is an idea whose time has come, then perhaps nothing ever will!

Thinking Outside The box!

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