Will We Learn More About Creating eBooks And How To Sell Them?

Will We Learn More About Creating eBooks And How To Sell Them?


If you mean, does the Internet Domination Course teach you how to create eBooks and how to sell them, not exactly. The Internet Domination Course isn’t a product creation course and it’s not a sales course either. BUT…


A couple of members have/are using the course to write books. Essentially a book is just a collation of a large amount of articles. If you can write an article, you can write a book.


These members are leveraging the course in many ways. The most powerful is that they are writing their books (which is really they are writing articles everyday) and posting them to their websites. This generates them traffic.


I think they said they plan for it to take about a year to write the whole book, investing 1 hour a day each morning. But during this time the content is attractive visitors, building their list which is pre-building their customer base for when they publish their book.


Plus one smart lady gets comments about her writing on her blog, so that she’s getting feedback about her content, writing style etc., and she can use that to improve.


It doesn’t mean they are giving their books away for free, because they might not put all the content up there, but more so because when you write a book you write a draft and often have plenty of revisions. You go back, change stuff, put stuff in, and take stuff out. It’s a work in progress.


They are just smartly monetizing it while they are working on it, also building a list, and getting very real feedback from their exact customer base regarding their writing. That’s a pretty effective method to write and book and therefore in a way the Internet Domination Course can teach you how to write an eBook – if you are receptive enough to learn.


However I can say that there is absolutely no real direct sales training in Internet Domination. There is a portion but only in the scope of the Website Contracting Business, not exactly for selling eBooks. Internet Domination is more so about creating websites and making money from them. It’s also got extensive training on lead generation – which is more to do with taking the general public and bringing them into your business as prospects etc.


For actual sales training, I have another business that does that. It’s not a ‘watch a video’ style training because sales has so much more nuance to it. One product/coaching package is a softer selling smoother and slower approach which suits more reserved people and is really about becoming a better communicator. That one is actually quite cheap. The second product is a pretty hardcore sales training package that suits more intense sales type’s individuals and we provide leads and products they can sell to practice and build their skills, and it’s up in the 4 figure price tag.


Both of the programs are actually pretty cool because usually the person will make their money back by the time they finish, but they totally upgrade their sales, communication and confidence skills. (For no particular reason it seems women do the softer communication training and men the more intense training. Just a random fun fact!)


Also, Nathan my business partner has an amazing sales training/coaching/personal mentoring package… but it’s more for people who are already doing sales and have been professional salespeople for years…

But if you want to really know how to create eBooks and to learn how to earn money online using affiliate websites, and create you on websites or blogs, you can click this link to access my free video about this matter. This is actually totally free and totally available to you now. I really sincerely hope that you get a lot of value out of it. If you have any questions or issues with the video, feel free to just post a comment to this page and I’ll help you out.

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