Is There Any Licensing Laws With Regards To Quoting Other Professionals In An Article?

Is There Any Licensing Laws With Regards To Quoting Other Professionals In An Article?


I’m not a lawyer so don’t take this as advice, but generally, no, not really. Correct referencing is the courteous and socially acceptable practice, but I doubt you’d run into any problems quoting someone else, especially if it’s just a small quote.


If you quote a very large piece of a person’s work, well then it would be more respectful to correctly reference the person, especially if it was their own proprietary work or discovery.


Remember, the Internet is an un-regulated medium and there is no real way to verify every statistic or quote on there. So, it’s important to do your background research if you are quoting something important…


So Is There Any Licensing Laws With Regards To Quoting Other Professionals In An Article? For the most part, yes, there are copyright laws. I’m not an attorney so don’t take this as exhortation, however for any bit of licensed innovation that you make and own, on the off chance that somebody takes that then actually that is illicit.


Websites and internetworks are setup to naturally syndicate content over one another. Anybody can take advantage of your channel and draw off every article you post and do whatever they need with it. The requirement over nation fringes is ineffectual and confused with diverse laws and so on. But really, just steer clear of content stealing and you’ll be all right.


The most important thing is that you do what is best, you create your own content and you prosper from it.

What If You Just Want To Quote Someone In Your Article


Essentially, you can do it. You are just quoting them in your article and not stealing their name. Actually, you are even making them famous. Quoting someone in an article is not bad, hence the word ‘quoting’. However, you need to be careful to not say anything libellous about this someone because that’s when it will be illegal, they can sue you for that. And you need to be sure that what they said are true as how you told it to your article.


But really, you don’t actually need to do anything like that. All you need to have a good article is to really have a good, compelling title, appropriate topic, and well-thought article, generally.


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