Linda Nicholls – Can What She Says Really Be Trusted? Read More And Get a FREE Gift!

Linda Nicholls brings with her 30+ years of being a Senior Executive and a Director in insurance, banking and financial management in Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. With her current executive and directorship positions in a number of Australian and global corporations, attendees at her speaking events should value everything she has to say.

  • Linda Nicholls, AO is Chairman of Yarra Trams
  • She is a Director of Fairfax Media
  • As well as a Director at Pharmaceutical Group

So one might assume that every word should be carefully listened to and followed?

But Mrs. Nicholls is also closely associated with Goldman Sachs. The very same entity that was at the heart of the global financial crises! So does her service as an as an International Advisor at Goldman Sachs mean that her audiences’ trust in her is misplaced?

Is There Credibility To Her Words?

One measure of credibility to a speaker’s words is the level of peer respect they enjoy. And there’s no doubt that Linda Nicholls is well regarded by her peers. As former President of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and a past Chairperson of Australia Post, it is clear that her credibility shines, even through her association with Goldman Sachs.

But if anyone is in doubt about whether a speaker such as Mrs. Nicholls can be trusted, they must take into consideration her current accomplishments too. As a serving Trustee of The Harvard Business School Alumni Board (USA), and current director of The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Linda Nicholls is proving that she is very much a credible business leader even in the post-Goldman era.

A Wealth Of Knowledge And Experience

Someone of the caliber of Linda Nicholls has a wealth of experience in wealth management and building wealth. And if individual Australians looking to build their personal wealth are still skeptical about what Mrs. Nicholls can offer them, all they need to look at is how Australia’s Sigma Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has performed over the last 4 years.

From an annual Net Loss of nearly $450M AUD in 2010 the company delivered shareholders a Net Income of $50M AUD and $18.7M AUD in 2012 and 2013. The company has also produced 8.1M AUD of Net Income consecutively in two of the last 4 quarters – and that’s no easy achievement.

And why is this so relevant? Because Linda Nicholls is Director of Sigma!

Performing well in wealth building

One of the topics that Linda Nicholls, AO is passionate about addressing is Building A Culture of High Performance and Achievement. Although her focus in these talks is the corporate world, the lessons apply equally to ordinary Australians as well. Performance in wealth building is also the focus of Stuart Zadel’s informative wealth creation book Think and Grow Rich. And you can get a FREE hard-copy of it by simply ordering it online.

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