How do I keep my list?

How do I keep my list?


I’m not too sure what list you are talking about. If you are talking about your email list, well you probably actually have a small one in your address book in your current email account.


But really, your list is in Aweber. Once you get setup with Aweber all the emails are in there, you can manage them, send emails to everyone or just specific people etc. And because it’s an auto responder you can configure it to automatically send emails out at specific times – this is what really makes online business shine because it enables you to be anywhere doing anything while your business is running on autopilot!

Aweber is by far the industry leader for autoresponders.

They are great for new starters online, and I’m still using them running multiple six figure businesses.

They are hands down the best with functionality, support, ease-of-use and because they are the most popular there is prolific amounts of guides and tutorials – most of which they provide themselves.

Their support is fantastic too.

And they are CHEAP.

The smallest package they have is $19/month. But you can get it for just $1 a month with this link:

Hard to beat $1!

If for some reason you mean direct mail? Like physical mail, letters, postcards etc. then you need to engage a direct mailing company.

Building a list is a vital piece of business. The reason is on the grounds that an extensive extent of the individuals/clients that stop by your site or item offerings will essentially NOT be in the right perspective or the ideal spot to be prepared to by. Just a littler rate will be. The reason you need to fabricate a list is on account of you need to gather the contact subtle elements (regardless of the possibility that its only an email location) of that extensive extent of individuals who aren’t prepared to by yet in light of the fact that a decent piece of them WILL be prepared to purchase later on and as you stay in touch with them, they become more acquainted with you, similar to you and trust you, and in any event you are at the front line of their brain when they are considering buying whatever item it is that you offer, you will benefit from that list since you can contact them whenever you like.

So, what are you waiting for? You need to register now for an own list of your website to be sure that you are getting the most out of your website, out of your time and with your audience. Not out of your audience because that would be like ripping them off, no that’s not what we like to do. We grow our business and we grow with our audience because they learn from us how we grew, how we started and how we got to success. Sounds good?

Speaking of sharing knowledge, I want to share this free video to you so you can learn how to make a website under 20 minutes, maintain your website or online business, do SEO or make articles the right way, fending your list and taking care of your audience and a lot lot lot more!

All you have to do is click this link for you to download your free video. Don’t worry, you will not be directed to a ‘enter you email’ frame or something like that. You will just get to the video directly. I hope you like it.

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