Do I Really Need A List

Do I Really Need A List


Only if you want to actually make money online and achieve financial freedom 😉


Yes. Building a list is a very important part of business. The reason is because a large proportion of the people/customers that come by your website or product offerings will simply NOT be in the right state of mind or the right place to be ready to by. Only a smaller percentage will be.


The reason you want to build a list is because you want to collect the contact details (even if it’s just an email address) of that large proportion of people who aren’t ready to by yet because a good part of them WILL be ready to buy later on and as you keep in contact with them they get to know you, like you and trust you, and at the very least you are at the forefront of their mind when they are thinking about purchasing whatever product it is that you sell.


Another reason this has esteem for entrepreneurs is that it’s a simple approach to begin coming to buyers on portable without putting a ton in new innovation or programming. As indicated by a research in the US, 52 percent of US cell phone proprietors access their messages from their telephones. So what are the odds that you can let those users buy your product from your website just because you got their email addresses and just because you have an auto responder working in your site? Email additionally lives up to expectations with other cell phones as well as tablets. In 2014, a research in the United States discharged a study that discovered 42 percent of retailers’ email messages were opened by buyers on their cell phones and 17 percent were opened on tablets. And that’s not yet counting the desktops used by most of us citizens or workers in the IT or office industry. So believe me, it still works today and it will work if you do it right now.

How Do You Really Make An Effective Auto Responder For Your List


Yes, you have asked the right question. And I will answer that in this article. There are lots of auto responders that you can search and find it the internet. Most of them are expensive. Some of them are free but are unreliable. So how do you know if you have chosen the unreliable one? You won’t know unless you try, right? But I won’t let you do that, you need not do that because I already know the answer. I already tried them all and I know which of them is the most reliable and effective auto responder. Aweber is by far the industry leader for auto responders. Their support is fantastic too.

And they are CHEAP.

The smallest package they have is $19/month. But you can get it for just $1 a month with this link:

Hard to beat $1! So go and purchase it, try it! I have tried it and used it for so many years and my business is blooming as ever. It never let me down.

I have more tips and techniques about email marketing, auto responders and creating a list on your sites and online business. Heck, I even have a free video about it. If you want to watch my free video that will teach you how to do email marketing, auto responders and SEO, also about creating your own online business or basic website without any cost, click on this link and you will be directed to the video.

I really hope it helps you and if so, please post a comment so I can further help you out.

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