The 4 Little-Known Pros and Cons of Being An Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneur. A person who operates a business.

It is just easy to define what an entrepreneur is, but when you explain further matters about it, then it could not be as easy as how you can define it in words.

I’ve read various motivational quotes about entrepreneurship, and must say that they are really thought-provoking. Though the famous, successful entrepreneurs use simple, short phrase to craft their thoughts about entrepreneurship, they never fail to motivate you as a business starter.

Tim Ferris, the author of 4-Hour Workweek, says that an entrepreneur isn’t someone who owns a business, but someone who makes things happen. Your dreams won’t be real, unless you will do it. Right? If your Plan A didn’t work, I must say that they are still 25 letters in the alphabet. Don’t give up to try. Continue to practice until you become lucky.

Well, everything has a good and bad side, and being an entrepreneur is included. It is a must to consider the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur. You may think that entrepreneurship is risky. Yes, you’re right about it. That’s the reason why you should consider all the matters about entrepreneurship.



I have listed here the advantages and disadvantages of being an entrepreneur. I’ve also written another article about it. Read it here and widen your knowledge about entrepreneurship.

If You Become An Entrepreneur…


Most people whose working for a normal salary don’t feel like they are properly paid for their hard works. BUT if you are an entrepreneur, earning money means a direct benefit from the efforts and hard work you do. You’re the one who will directly harvest the reward of all your works.


If you are an entrepreneur, your position also means of being in control of managing your business. Being in control of managing your business is a wide angle to look at. Let’s just say that when you become an entrepreneur, you are in control of your own time and schedules. In depends on you when to wake up and start to work, as well as when to stop and finish working. It’s great, right?


If you are an entrepreneur, the decision-making is all in your hand. You’re the one who is in-charge to decide whether to accept or not, to say yes or no, to do it or not and etc. In short, you’re the one who is in control to shape the career of your own business.


If you are an entrepreneur, you have all the chances to feel that ‘one of the best feelings in the world’. Well, I, as I also experienced that feeling, must say that it’s the excitement of building your future. ‘Excitement’ would be the best word to describe the feeling when you will generate the least ideas to the big one. This is also the feeling that you will feel when you start developing your business.



Seeing the good sides of being an entrepreneur, let us now look on the dark side of it.

Being an entrepreneur also means…


When you become an entrepreneur, you need to get used to having no paycheck every week. You will invest money for your startup and will not get it as soon as you can harvest the fruits of your hard work. It’s normal for all startup business, but ensure not to give up feeling depress about it.


Though your time is in your hand, there will be times that you will still be stressed out of your work. When you become an entrepreneur, your working schedule is unpredictable, since you’re the boss and one of your responsibilities is to work a lot of paper works and loads.


It is an advantage to know that you are in control of all the decision-making in your business, but it can often be a disadvantage for you. Decision-making also means that the risk of your business is in your hand. You are responsible for the success and failure of your business, and it’s stressful (I know!).  You should know how to deal with the different situations and problems, as well as to handle all your obligations.


Excitement is not always the mutual feeling you can feel in running your business. Often times you can feel the pressure in your shoulders as being the responsible in all the matters concerning your company.

Final Words

Now, that you already know the advantages and disadvantages of being an entrepreneur, it is up to you to whether pursue your entrepreneurship career or not. You must also consider the endless possibilities of winning this kind of success. Being an entrepreneur is not all about the stress of handling the obligations you have, but rather, trying to do all your best to make the best things happen.

As what I’ve read from the top inspirational quotes that every entrepreneur needs to live, “Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well…” I also remembered what Oprah Winfrey once said, “Don’t worry about being successful, but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow…”

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