Can I Actually Make A Living With Affiliate Marketing ANSWERED

Can I Actually Make A Living With Affiliate Marketing? ANSWERED


If you’re wondering if you can actually make a living with affiliate marketing? Well I earn well over a full time income for myself with just ONE of my affiliate websites. So yeah, you can if you read this.


Why Doing Affiliate Marketing Like Everyone Else Will Never Get You A Fulltime Income


So here’s the deal my friend. 95% of people who are “doing” affiliate marketing (and I say that lightly because they aren’t actually doing it… more so attempting it, or flagellating themselves over it) do NOT make a living from it, and they do NOT make a full time living from it.


Simply because they are doing it COMPLETELY WRONG.


Most people do affiliate marketing wrong and don’t make a living from it. It’s just a fact. But that doesn’t mean that YOU can’t. Because you can (if you do it the right way.)


Affiliate Marketing Doesn’t Work – If You Do It Like Everyone Else


Unfortunately, and this is a really weird thing I find… MOST of the people writing, blogging, advertising, marketing and all that jazz about affiliate marketing AREN’T MAKING MONEY.


Let me paraphrase and re-word. I earn a fulltime income from affiliate marketing. From just 1 of my affiliate marketing website businesses. Most people FAIL to earn really ANY income at all with affiliate marketing, and those people will often be writing blog posts and articles similar to this one.


The industry has been poisoned… dare I say plagued with incest of hordes of people who pretend to be affiliate marketers, promote affiliate marketing, but aren’t actually earning a real living from it?




Why Learning Affiliate Marketing For Free Off Tips From The Internet Will Mean You Fail


For the record, I started out building real businesses selling real products to real people. AFTER I successfully built an online affiliate website business empire and was making hefty money, THEN I started to write, teach and train about how to do affiliate marketing and make money online.


For some reason, most people get that backwards. Before they’ve ever made a cent, they try to build websites and sell affiliate marketing products, pretending to be successful affiliate marketers when they can barely even earn a living from their DAY JOB.


The key takeaway here though is… learning affiliate marketing online from free tips, free blogposts, signing up to free lists and getting your pretty little 12 page pdf reports is NOT going to give you the real information that you need to learn affiliate marketing.


Why Doing Affiliate Marketing In The Normal Way Will Never Provide Enough Money To Actually Make A Living


I can re-iterate it again and again, but let me do it in another way just in case you don’t understand. If you are just starting out online, and want to earn a real living doing affiliate marketing, you definitely, absolutely, must NOT try to affiliate market in the affiliate marketing or money making niche.


It simply won’t work. Because you aren’t making any money in affiliate marketing. You’re not earning a living online so how the hell are you going to help others do it.


How To Actually Make A Living With Affiliate Marketing Quickly And Easily Without Risking Your Life Savings


If you want to actually get some traction with affiliate marketing FAST, and without spending a bucket of money on training courses, widgets, gadgets and like… the absolute best thing you can do is start out in a niche (otherwise known as a market) that you already know, have knowledge in, are successful in… etc


When I started out I started out in the poker niche, because I liked playing poker and had been playing for a couple of years making some money in it.


Once that was going quite well after a year or so I started another business this time in the health niche. Because I was really into health and working out and had been doing that for 3-4 years, I knew quite a lot about it. I had some actually real value to deliver to my customers.


Only after I had built a fulltime income… and then another fulltime income (just to be sure you know) did I THEN start teaching and affiliating in the money making niches and markets.


Do Affiliate Marketing Like Some Of The Most Successful Internet Marketers In The World


If you dig deep into the history of most of the successful Internet Marketers online, the guys that sell the big Internet Marketing courses and affiliate marketing courses etc, most of them actually started out in weird and wonderful personal/micro niches.


They started out and learned how to make money online, actually made money with affiliate marketing (which is entirely possible in almost every niche in the world, for any person in the world if you’re serious about what you’re doing) and only then AFTER they had become successful did they start affiliating in the affiliate marketing and money making niches…



Affiliate marketing and affiliate programs work. I am an affiliate marketer and I earn a full time living from my affiliate commissions. If you want to know how I did that, then simply click this link to download the free video that I have made. This is my gift to you as your fellow affiliate marketer since I have been doing this for years and years now. This is completely free and with no need of registrations. Click here to download the free video.

Please just make a comment on this site if you have any issues with the video, but I really hope it helps you.

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