Making Money With Property – Your Guide To Building Your Rental And Investment Portfolio

Do you want to know the secrets of making money with property? In this detailed guide you’ll discover all the best ways to quickly and easily make money with your property, new or old.

It’s easy to make money with property once you know how… There are many different ways which you can do this and you are about to learn them now. And if you haven’t started to make money with your property yet don’t worry, it’s not your fault. There is so much complex information plus laws and regulations it really is difficult to get going without the right education. So sit back and relax, and we’ll take aim at the enemy and clear the air… you’re about to learn everything you need.

The Different Ways Of Making Money With Property

Making Money With Rental Property aka Investment Property

Everyone and their dog has heard of this so I won’t go into it too much. Essentially, use savings or equity in your own home or house as a deposit to buy an investment property. Put a tenant in and collect rent. With a few tax savings and a jig of the finances you can have an additional property paying itself off, sometimes for as little as $50 a week or even you’ll MAKE $50 a week!

Making Money With Property Investment Tax Breaks

Actually, within the above strategy and all of these strategies there are ways that you can get many tax breaks because you are investing. If you are paying $30,000 or $50,000 in tax and reduce that to $10,000… that’s some serious cash you are making just for structuring yourself differently. Investors know this is a great way to get extra profit out of there deals, and you should be thinking about this too!

Making Money With Property Development

Property development  is often thought of as the big end of town but it doesn’t always have to be. Sure, if you want to make a few million in a few months you’ll need a big plot of land and put 250 apartments on it. But small time property developers are making a killing building 4 units or 8 units together on blocks of spare pieces of large land or by buying two normal house blocks and joining them together. As long as the council development lines up all is good. Check out the city council zoning regulations and where the zones are changing.

Making Money With Property Subdivision

Subdivision is a little like super small time property development. Usually it involves snagging an older house on a big plot of land and then just chopping the land in half, selling it off. This is a great money making strategy to use with rural property which is usually on larger land. You can get creative and mix together other strategies, like chop the land, build a unit on the back and sell it, or just rent the extra building out for tax breaks. All these strategies to make money with property can be mixed and matched and it’s the creative solutions that really get the job done.

Making Money With No Money?

Now there are even no money down deals that can be had everywhere. Usually it involves some seriously creative work, but you can get properties from divorcing couples who need to sell fast, or mortgagee sales where the house is being put through a fire-sale by a bank. Mixing and matching investors who want to get in and different people keen to get out can leave you in the middle with some pretty sweet dough.

Some people might tell you that its hard to generate good money with property (and they might even be your friends and family!)… but don’t listen to them. Most of the things that can go wrong with property are actually smaller minor things, and the ‘horror stories’ that you often hear around the water cooler or in the back of a taxi are so rare that’s why they actually get told! In your street of 30 houses there is probably at least 15 or 20 that are really making money, either investor properties, or a husband and wife renovated their house, or there is a subdivision going on. There is money spewing out of the real estate market at the moment, you’ve just gotta get the right knowledge and get into it!

Speaking of getting the right knowledge, there are plenty of ways you can learn about making money in property. The first best recommendation I have for you is to head on over to this website where you can get a free copy of wealth educator Stuart Zadel’s ‘The New Way To Make Money In Property Fast’ book. It contains chapter after chapter of leading property money making strategies.

The best way to learn about property is to attend different property seminars, property workshops and things like renovation workshops. You can find little ones in small businesses and places like bunnings, or you can go to real ones such as the Ultimate Property Entrepreneurs Conference. Because we are the Leading Wealth Creation Seminars Network in Australia, I am glad to tell you that you can get free tickets.

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P.S. I realize I left out one of the biggest ways to make money with property with is Renovation. So, as a sorry, click here to see Australia’s best renovator’s take on how to make some serious cash

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