Manifesting Money – Creating Cashflow & Wealth Example #1

The purpose of this article and the practical exercise in making money I demonstrate is to help you understand the basis of wealth creation and what a ‘money mindset’ actually ‘looks like’ when manifested in the real world.

Today is ANZAC day and a popular thing to do is play Two-Up. People have a lot of fun with this and an interesting thing is that this is partly due to the core basis that it is a betting game or in other words, it’s gambling.

I’ve been more and more fascinated with gambling and whether or not there is a difference between your average run of the mill casino game style of gambling and investing, i.e. in the stock market. It would be fascinating if you could generate more money or a better ROI via gambling to make money compared to your average stock investment.

So I thought it would be fun to take a curious approach to making some extra money at the casino and IF it was even possible.

Lets start with a simple exercise.

The minimum wage in Australia is $17.70 per hour

I wonder if I can make that while gambling at the casino.

Now because I know practically nothing about gambling, casino’s, the games that are offered let alone how to win I’m starting with a bit of a handicap but that’s ok. The reason being is because casino’s know this so they offer the game Roulette – the most simple gambling game.

Now the game of Roulette is actually quite complex but we all have heard of it and every single one of us knows that you can bet on red or black and if the ball lands on your colour you win. So I’ll start there.

Because there are 37 numbers on the roulette wheel, 18 being red and 18 being black, with the last 1 being green (which is how the casino makes its house money) if I bet on a colour I will have a 47.4% chance of winning. (

As you can see I am really a master at this… simply typing the queries I have into google.

Ok, so lets get into it.

Required Stuffs

1 – sober fascade (if you look or act drunk, security won’t let you in. Seeing as I am a complete non-drinker of alcohol this one is easy)
2 – appropriate attire (casino’s have a dress code, I am wearing a nicely cut long sleeved shirt coupled with a pair of dress pants and shoes. I brushed my hair. [YAY, tick that one off the list for today!!!]
3 – starting capital


So the first thing we run into is the fact that at it’s essence is this practical exercise with gambling requires capital and therefore is distincly different to other money making and wealth creation methods such as online blogging for example. Because it cost me nothing but my time to write this article and make money from it yet I require money to be able to make money at the casino this must be noted.

If you just want a fast track to how to make money with ZERO startup capital, take a look at the article on this site how to setup an instant money making business using a popular and well known online website. It requires no skill and you can make money the first day.

Keep reading though because what you learn here can be applied there as well.

SOOOO… Let’s see if I gots any moneys

This is my wallet and wallet insert. Hugo Boss. I would highly recommend them.

<to do insert picture of wallets>

Seems thats I havs abouts exactly $520 in my wallet. This is comprised of the three (3) $100 notes I carry around in my wallet everyday. A single (1) $100 note that I carry in my smaller wallet everyday. (a wealth creation mindset technique) and six (6) $20 notes that is simply cash money.

<to do insert picture of cash infront of time & date on computer>

This money is comprised of a single (1) $20 I made from a profitable wealth creation excercise (selling an unwanted and uneeded item I acquired for free). Another single (1) $20 from a profitable wealth creation exercise (trading/swapping goods for other goods with the difference made up with a cash payment). And four (4) $20 notes making up the remaining $80 which was from my bank account; that is simply my running cash aka petty cash.

You can see faintly in the top right corner in that picture that it is 6:51pm. It is now currently 6:56pm. I better get a move on.

4 – wealth creation vehicle. As dicussed, this will be roulette at the casino.
5 – wealth creation mindset. I am planting in my mind the intention of earning and profiting $20 from the casino and unwavering faith that this will occur before 7:51pm today.
Listen to the audio recording for running commentary.

<to do: insert audio of running commentary when walking to casino>
Now I will go and do it.

<to do: insert picture of time 7:16pm and date 25th April of ticket of $40 made at casino>

<to do: insert audio of my comments after leaving the casino>
So there you have it. I made $20. And short of the walk to the casino to do it, it took in all about 2-3minutes to enter the casino, have my licence/age verified, go to the roulette wheel, bet $20 on black, win $20, and leave the casino.

WAS IT CHANCE, COINCIDENCE, LUCK, FATE, or was there a bigger power at play?

Did I in fact use my ‘money mindset’ to manifest the money, to guarantee me the win? I for one believe there is an essence that effected and coloured these series of events, because of a few ‘hints’ along the way…VERY INTERESTING…

Click here to read part 2 and see for yourself the proof that ‘money mindset’ and ‘wealth creation’ can be ‘manifested’.


<to do: create new page of hints with references to explanations in Think and Grow Rich book>
Clue #1
Instant enlightening energy providing clarity of thought, focus and attention on achieving the outcome whatever means necessary, a complete erasure of any tiredness/lethary and a huge burst of vitality, strength and stamina.

Clue #2
A reduction and almost elimination of distracting thoughts, and a ruthless demeanour that refused to be distracted until the goal was achieved.

Clue #3
A happy coincidence that my licence was in my pocket, after I forgot it. Imagine what the outcome would have been if I had to have gone back to get it and wasn’t at that very roulette wheel on that very spin at the very second I was.

Clue #4
Continued massive action. By choice, and through enthusiasm of achieving my goal, I recorded an audio on my phone whilst I was walking.

Clue #5
I had a green walk signal on the first intersection I had to walk through. On the second I had a flashing sign which meant I had 5 seconds to cross to which I hop, skipped and jumped my way across (again, through vigor and enthusiam). The third set of lights was a very large intersection which had 9 seconds left on it to which I jogged across.

Again, through my intention of action, and expressing that through my determination and enthusiasm to achieve the goal I drove myself directly to achieve it. This was also because I had a definite timeframe to which achieve it by so I was motivated(pressured?) to get it done fast.

Clue #6

Not knowing what to do exactly, in a slight gap of blankness/unknowningness I was, almost magically or by the faculty of my ingenuity/imagination, blasted with an idea to bet $20 on black and double my money. I had thought of black due to previously saying/writing about black in this article.

An interesting thing to note is when this idea came to me I immediately, with absolutely no doubt or worry regarding what would happen if it landed on red and I lost, with no plan and not even an incling of a plan of what to do if it landed on red, literally almost blindlessly and essentially automatically/unconsciosly acted on that idea through to fruition.

Clue #7

The first wheel I went to bet on I just misesd out on placing my bet by a sheer second. I was so enthusiastic and had so much faith I was guaranteed to win that when I missed that bet I felt almost a little bit of dissapointment that I missed it. However without hesitation I immediately acted on the next best thing, the alternate wheel running at the same time due in 15 seconds. The first wheel ended up landing on red so if I had of made that bet I would have lost. I ‘missed out’ on the first oppportunity but took the next opportunity immediately and bet on the other wheel which landed on black.

By then I had won the $20 and had the hindsight to rever in how amazing the universe works its ways. For a moment there I thought I had missed the boat but in fact the universe had put me on the right side of the fence.

Minimum Wage for 2-3minutes a day?
If you think about it. If you literally sat at a roulette wheel and just made 1 bet and made $20. If you, at the perfect time bet $20 and made $20 you would be able to make minimum wage sitting on your ass doing practically nothing.

Now their are no guarantee’s that when you bet you will win, and in fact the odds are stacked against you… and most people who read this will simply dismiss it as luck, chance, fake, dumb, a scam, or whatever, and I guarantee if you think any of those things you are living a life that lacks wealth. Why else would you be searching for and reading about wealth creation? Instead, before you jump to any misguided conclusions, the question to ask yourself is:

WHY DO YOU LET THAT BELIEF PREVENT YOU FROM MAKING MONEY?… when there is literally proof and evidence that a person can use the fundamental laws of the universe coupled with the correct ‘money mindset’ to beat the odds and win anyway?

For others, who may be intrigued, but want more conclusive evidence, I recommend you read more of the articles on this website – especially the ones on my experiments on the practical application of ‘money mindset’ and its use in wealth creation.

If you are thinking ‘Mate, if you can simply do that so easily, why don’t you just go and whack $200 or $2000 on it. You would be able to be rich in a blink of an eye’ and my response would be ‘when you understand how to cultivate and use a money mindset and direct it towards creating wealth in your life, yes, indeed, you can make money in many ways, very easily, and you can create wealth. Plus, how do you know I didn’t chuck $200 on it afterwards and take that home too???’

FYI I didn’t. The reason being is my gut tells me that sooner or later the house will win, my heart tells me that whilst I could do that and profit greatly I can give so much more to humanity in other ways, my head tells me that statistically speaking my chances of winning are high in the short term and lower in the long term and exploitin the mathematics of statistical probably I could actually enter, make quick cash, leave, and simply rinse and repeat, though an element of risk is involved – which can be reduce with increased capital and by playing in a more thoughtful way – though never eliminated…

Most importantly: my Spirit fills me with epiphany that the energy inside the casino and the raging thoughts concentrated in one small area mixed with the emotional turmoil that lingers means that if I were to be in a casino for extended periods of time or on a regular basis for long enough, sooner or later that negative energy would overcome my resistance to it and I would fall ill to the succummings of the woes of gambling; loss of money, loss of relationships, loss of health, and eventually addiction and suffering.

:/ I’d rather take me $20 and run. 😛


Sooner or later I will repeat the expermient on the basis that the more times I succeed the more proof I have that my money mindset is properly aligned. Logically or scientifically speaking the more times I go in and win the more proof I have I can control the outcome, though statistical probability can ‘out-answer’ any amount of anecdotal evidence I collect so doing it for that purpose in and of itself is fruitless (skeptics will be skeptics)

I am however more interested in doing some other, exciting and awesome ‘practical exercises’ using my ‘money mindset’ which I will continue to write about.


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