Mark McConnell – Is He a Smooth Talker or a Straight Shooter? The Real Truth Uncovered!

Some attendees at a Mark McConnell speaking event hearing him speak about how he made his millions, and listening to him give advice to young entrepreneurs may look upon with skepticism at what this ex-RAAF officer has to say. Like his high-flying past, they believe his words aren’t really grounded in reality. Many may even doubt that his fortune is the result of straight talk and hard work.

Is there truth in what McConnell detractors have to say? Let’s find out!

How He Made His Millions

McConnell is very candid about how he built his wealth.  He credits his success to using a phased approach to accumulating, carefully deploying and then watchfully managing his fortune to ensure it continues to grow. A few facts about this extraordinarily successful entrepreneur turned angel investor should help keep his accomplishments into perspective:

  • Attendees at a Mark McConnell event get to hear first hand from a multi-millionaire about his wealth building strategy
  • Critics may disagree about whether what Mark says works, but BRW’s report that he is worth over $24 million  in net worth can’t be ignored
  • His interests in companies like Uber Global and Citadel clearly show his keen eye to spot a winner and then back it until it succeeds!

Using these and other life’s experiences, Mark McConnell is able to mould his speeches and talks so that they resonate with ordinary Australians, especially hard working business start-ups.

The Secret Revealed!

One key aspect of the Mark McConnell approach to building successful companies, and thereby making wealth, is personal engagement and commitment. McConnell often refers to this as having “skin in the game”. When audiences listen to this secret, it makes complete sense to see how this young (he is in his early 40’s) orator on the podium is where he is today. Even the most die-hard of critics can’t argue that having a vested interest in your investments gives you tremendous incentive to invest wisely and monitor closely.

In McConnell’s words this is called “backing yourself”. To investors it makes complete sense to roll up their sleeves and get intimately involved in their investments. This gives them greater control over major decisions affecting the direction of the investment.

It is simple commonsense advice like this that makes McConnell a sought after speaker at prestigious talk events and speaking circuits. Individuals and corporations want to hear practical, down-to-earth wealth building advice, and that’s what he delivers!

Securing Your Future

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