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Fishpond is dominating Ebay. Fishpond is a set price vendor that buy and sells at consistent prices. Ebay is an auction site, which is like going to a casino and gambling your money. There’s something to be learned here about auction sites and how and why they’re becoming obsolete…

Fishpond is like an Australia Amazon, and it is truly kicking ass and taking names. They sell cheaper then Amazon guaranteed, have free shipping, and are now expanding into Toys; boasting the claim Australia’s biggest toy store. But that’s not all, Fishpond is now taking on Ebay, which its Sell Yours service with the slogan ‘Easier Than Ebay’.

The original Guaranteed Cheaper Than Amazon seller is certainly growing – so how to make some serious money off this cash cow? Well, essentially its an online version of a CAFO…

Easy Money Making Fishpond Idea

I’m not going to tell you to get in quick and create a Fishpond business – sure you can if you want to make a nice income. You’ll probably have to work hard but with systems and outsourcing you can make it work, just like so many have done on Ebay. You could even incorporate the two, buying for auction price off Ebay for cheap, then selling for retail price on Fishpond.

Fishpond’s awesome positioning and actual followup with the ‘easy’ part is pretty cool. Simply fill up a box, hit Fishpond up and say ‘Oi, come grab my stuff’ and they take care of the rest.

But if you want to make some serious money here is the deal. You need to be thinking strategically.

Fishpond Growth Can Be Planned

Obviously Fishpond is simply copying Amazon’s business system and is doing well with it. Just like Gumtree rocks the socks out of Craiglists here in down under, Fishpond kicks Amazons ass. I guess us Aussies just like our own stuff – plus it has more to do with the fact that overseas retailers are built to service America and the UK, and the shipping costs to Aus are too high. Plus Gumtree has awesome branding.

Before we jump into the guts of how to do this specifically. Lets zoom out for a second. Which company is more successful Amazon or Ebay? Amazon is a set price vender, they set the price and you pay. As a seller, you set the price. Ebay is an auction site. Essentially, you put your wares up and worry, watch the auction, hopy and prey people are going to bid enough. If you’d like to learn how to make a more sustainable, reliable income that gives you safety and security than simply enter your email address into the form below. You’ll receive ongoing email training on wealth creation PLUS you’ll immediately receive free books teaching you how to REALLY profit in todays market place. Stop risking your money and stressing yourself out. Enter your email into the form below and click the button to join our email newsletter.

So if Fishpond is copying Amazon, you too should copy Amazon. Think about it.

  • Fishpond starts out as books only – like Amazon. New retail books by the way.
  • Then they add a bunch of crap that obviously they have ridiculous markups on like gift wrapping or cheap-ass china toys. They make some neat cash (would you like fries with that method)
  • Now they are expanding into allowing users to send in their own books and sell, similar to Amazons affiliate and Amazon associates service, essentially massively increasing their actual stock for practically free, and creating an additional revenue stream.
  • Fishpond expanding to anything they can sell where they are only charged when someone buys – getting in with big Toy manufactures now, who knows what’s next
  • The skys the limit…

Of course, if you have been an Amazon associate (like I have) you know it’s pretty annoying packing and posting the books, and its difficult to figure out the postage plus hard for Amazon to manage delivery times.

Obviously Fishpond has created an awesome win-win, making it easier for us to send in our books (just throw it in a box and they’ll get it) plus they can manage stock, distribution and shipping centrally for lower overheads – whilst using their free shipping provider which obviousy they have a great contract with.

If people are buying it, you can bet it’ll show up in the pond sooner or later.

Ok, so we can see this coming,

Exactly How To Make Millions Of Fishpond

Here is the raw idea:

  1. Analyse Amazon growth over the last decade
  2. Intuit Fishpond growth over the next few years
  3. Strategically build businesses that are in the niches likely to be acquired by Fishpond.
  4. Strategically build the business ready for sale, automated, systematized (plug n play method)
  5. Present, market and sell the business directly towards Fishpond

You could use this basic strategy to build a few businesses that would easily be acquired by Fishpond for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Don’t believe me?

Check out the big Amazon acquisitions. There’s money here.

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Spoon Feed Me!


  1. Don’t go to build a brand new shoe shop or apparel store, however an e-commerce web business would do
  2. Strategise for services that benefit fishpond AND other business, so you are marketable to many and can play them off each other
  3. Check out the Amazon acquisitions of SnapTell, an image matching start up,, an eBook software company and Quidsi, aka and figure out ‘why the hell did Amazon buy these?’ They’ll give you insight to your million dollar idea.
  4. Go for tech – tech is good! Don’t build a bookstore or a shoe shop. Tech is much better.

Another Million Dollar Business Idea!

You’re Welcome.

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