Michael Yardney And Metropole Property Investment Strategists On Wealth Creation

Have you ever met or known one of Australia’s leading experts in wealth creation while investing in property?

It’s about time you meet Michael Yardney.

Do you know what and what does this amazing guy do?

He is the best selling and author in Australia when it comes to wealth creation. He was adjudged as Australia’s best property investment adviser for 2011. He also educated, more successful property investors in Australia.

He is the director of Metropole Property Investment Strategists. He is the publisher of an e-magazine, “Property Update” with 60,000 and more subscribers. He is also the author of the best selling book, “How to Grow a Multi Million Dollar Property Portfolio in your spare time”, “What every property investor needs to know about finance, tax and the law”, “Thriving not justSurviving, in Changing Times” and has Co authored two other top selling books: “The Australian Guide to Buying and Selling your Home” with his wife Pamela Yardney and “Secrets of Property Millionaires Exposed.”

Michael’s opinion is highly quoted in some of Australia’s major daily newspapers and financial magazines. He regularly shares his views on wealth creation and property markets on the radio. He is a regular keynote speaker at different property conferences in South East Asia and Australia. And he eventually was able to bought, sold, financed and invested hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property creating wealth for his clients.

The Metropole Property Investment Strategists

The Metropole is one of Australia’s leading property strategist firm that give home buyers and investors, independent and unbiased decision and advise on property investments. They are fully licensed buyers advocates and agents in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. They help their clients in searching, locating and negotiating the purchase of their property or home investment. They can be at any auction or private sale.

They also help the investors on how they can maximize their investment returns through investing in property. The Metropole Finance helps their clientswith financial decisions. Their property development and renovations division helps the property investors on their investment returns. They have offices located in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. They are a group of successful consultants helping their clients on their wealth by acquiring, developing and managing their investment in order to achieve maximum return.

It was founded by Michael Yardney in 1979. Over the years they have proven that they are the best team when it comes to property investment with their multi-awards achievement. They have 50 property professionals helping their clients on how to create wealth through property investment. Whether you are just a home buyer, investor or just a pro contractor, know more about how to buy the right property at the right place and price with their expert advice. Consult the team now to know more about it.

Get in touch with him when you subscribe for FREE to Michael Yardney’s Property Update e-magazine and receive a free e-book. View his commentaries on property markets at the Property Update TV and follow him on Twitter to receive daily updates.

For more inquiries about him, contact him now by clicking this link.


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