The Minimalist Guide To Keeping Your List Engaged (And Making More Money Too)

The Minimalist Guide To Keeping Your List Engaged (And Making More Money Too)


The quickest, easiest, and best way to keep your list engaged is to email them. Honestly.


A fantastic trick to really “get in the zone” to easily write the best email (and remember, you probably have no idea what the best email is for your READER… because most of the time your too caught in your own crap!). The trick is to sit down, close our eyes, then imagine that you are writing an email to Nan, or Pop, or your Mum or Dad or someone else you really care about.


That will ensure that the underlying emotional tone of the email connects with the reader.


Now, of course if you’re providing information or have a business and are positioning yourself as an authority you can’t just send out lovey-dovey emails – you need to provide real value and actually solve the problems of your readers (soon to be customers)


So simply, imagine that you were giving your expert advice, but you were giving it to your Nan or Pop. “Teach” in a way you would to someone that you loved.


That will keep people coming back for more and more and more. 1) Because they know you care, and 2) Because you are delivering value AND even when they ‘don’t quite get it’ you are understanding and helping them through gently.


How To Make Your Audience Engaged And Hooked


First off, as I have said earlier, you need to be really personal about it. You need to imagine that your audience is your family and that you really care about them. Then, of course when you teach them and explain things to them, you need to use comprehensive words to make them understand what you are saying. Try not to use big words, instead, break it all down to simpler words so they are actually understanding you. Next, use previews and summary. Don’t go around in circles. Go to your point straightforwardly, keep it brief but entertaining at the same time.

You might want to use other techniques such as surprising your audience. This way, you play with their emotions in the right way. You keep them interested by having them shocked, surprised or amazed by what you are telling them. In return, they will come back for the experience.

Lastly, you can use another technique which is making them laugh. Everyone loves humour and a few people are blessed with good humour. A little joke here and there won’t hurt just to put smiles in your audience’s faces.

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When Your Audience Are Finally Hooked, What Is Next?


With regards to exhibiting interest to your audience, there is apparently nothing better than and all the more effective that the capacity to snare a group of people. Moderators should have the capacity to make anticipation, interest, and miracle. At the point when done appropriately, we draw in others in our discussion, then what you have to do is write more. Yes, you need to be consistent about what you are saying. Be consistent on your job and on your advocacy. Do not leave them hanging and waiting for your next topic.

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