How To Make Money Fast And Become A Millionaire Online

So I thought it would be a good idea to make some money. Always helpful 🙂

And instead of just going about this as I normally would I decided to actually detail every step of what/when/where/how so that you can copy and learn from how I make money and create my wealth so you can apply it to your own life.

So It All Started With An Idea

I had the simple idea that if I made an extra $10 a day then I would make an extra $300 per month. This equals to be $3600 a year. Pretty simple stuff. Increase my income by making more money each day.

  1. I chose to start out easy. I like to be easy on myself when starting out because it means that it is much more common I achieve my initial planned accomplishments and this means that I tend to stick with my plans. I find that if I make things to hard in the beginning (when I am new and have no skill) I simply set myself up for failure.
  2. I chose to start with a basic thing that ANYONE can do. I didn’t want to choose something that I was capable of achieving because of my special set of skills, but instead something that any person could do.
  3. I made it fun. I learned from my mentor Stuart Zadel  that in wealth creation and in life, everything you do must be a whole lot of fun. So, to make it fun, I thought I’d make money BELOW minimum wage, which therefore took the pressure off making a lot of money (see point 1) but ALSO so I could show you some more principles of making money and getting rich.

How To Get Rich Earning Less Than Minimum Wage

So I made a basic plan which goes like this. If each day, I invest 1 hour per day earning $10, then after a month (30 days) I will have $300. Now this may seem small, a ripoff regarding return on investment for time spent, or maybe to some intriguing. But at the end of the day you have to think about your life and what would an extra $300 a month mean to you?

  • For some, it means paying their bills
  • For others, it means paying off their credit cards or home loans faster
  • For others, it represents the starting capital for multi-million dollar ventures

It all depends on the money mindset you have.

To me, $300 represents a great deal of potential energy I could utilise to persue my passions and hobbies, whilst helping people and making a lot of money too!.

Can You Believe It? $300 Into $1 Million?

It is writting in Think and Grow Rich that whatever a man can conceive and believe, he can achieve. So that means I can conceive of an idea – make $300 per month investing 1 hour per month to earn $10 an hour for 30 days a month – and this will eventually turn into $1 million dollars.

Firstly, if I do it for 277 years I will make $1 million.

Secondly, if I invest the money and calculate simple 10% p.a. compounding interest this now turns the $300 in $1 million dollars before I reach retirement.

I figured this out by heading over to and plugging in 30 years of age, 70 years until millionaire (my superannuation preservation age), 10% p.a. return, 10% before tax rate on savings, with a tax rate of 33% and anticipated inflation rate of 3%.

I only need to save $3146 annually (indexed at 10%) to become a millionaire before I retire!

An apply a day keeps the doctor at bay. And an hour a day earning $10 can keep your money worries away forever. Think about that for a moment.

Thirdly, I can potentially make a lot more. Or more than likely, (and which I expect from experience), I will make contacts and build relationships that will indeed lead me onto earning a lot more in a significantly shorter amount of time,

So Without Further Adue, Let Me Introduce Fiverr is a website where you can do practically anything for $5. It’s pretty simple. Before you go on over and check it out, let me first introduce you to some things about

1 – You only earn $4 per job. Fiverr takes $1

2 – There is HUMUNGOUS, ATROCIOUS, ALMOST UNBEATABLE competition for ‘low end tasks’ on Fiverr, because of the fact that a lot of services are provided by overseas persons, such as those based in India, Philippines, and many countries from Eastern Europe.

3 – There is GREAT potential to make serious money if you are excellent at what you do. Many people make huge livings just from Fiverr… but I’m happy to stick with my $10 per day (allotting 1 hour to it).

4 – Anyone can signup, create an account, setup a service, and make money almost instantly. It’s likely to earn you money your first day.

So Lets Head On Over To Fiverr.Com and Create An Account and Setup a Service… Click here to read the next post…

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