Morris Miselowski – Can He Really Foresee The Future?

Morris Miselowski prides himself in being able to make bold statements about our future in 2020. For instance he predicts that 60% of our workforce will be engaged in jobs that aren’t in existence today! And of that workforce, many will be employed by businesses and industries that have yet to be created!

Is there really such thing as a “future seer”? Or is this just a gimmick to get crowds to fill seats at Miselowski speaking events?

Can Miselowski Really Read Your Palm?

Critics of Morris Miselowski may say that what he does during his seminars and workshop events is akin to reading palms or tea leaves. Although he prides himself on being a “Business Futurist”, what he does (predictions) seems far-fetched to his detractors. However, when heaping criticism most naysayers do not consider that:

  • By age 22 Morris Miselowski had successfully created and sold his first business – this while most of his peers were still students at university
  • Over the past 30 years he has accumulated a huge client base comprising of blue chip companies, including names like Allianz, Visa, nab, Mercedes Benz, HBA, UBS, Toll, RMIT, Ernst & Young, Danone, Phillips, Toshiba and IGA
  • All of his futuristic predictions are grounded in scientific and anthropological foresight and backed by solid evidence
  • His popularity as a speaker, writer, commentator, business thinker and futurist have made him extremely sought after on TV, radio and online forums, including ABC Australia, 6PR in Perth, CBS Interactive and many more

Accomplishments such as these are clear testament that being a “futurist” isn’t just a fad that businesses with spending money indulge in. Rather, it confirms the fact that there is a growing demand for thinkers and visionaries like Morris Miselowski who can reflect on the past and the present, and prepare humanity for the future.

Why Listen To Miselowski?

The popular saying goes “Forewarned is forearmed”. Audiences that attend Miselowski highly engaging speaking events go away more prepared to face their future. And with the insights offered by Miselowski they can forearm themselves to make that future a successful one.

Your Wealth Creation Playbook

Morris Miselowski may not have a fortune telling crystal ball to tell the future, but he doesn’t need one to predict what the future will hold. As a successful entrepreneur, marketing lecturer and visionary, he has the vision to connect the dots to enlighten his audiences about forthcoming trends.

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