Mortgagee in Possession Sales Sydney – The Pros and Cons of Distressed Real Estate Investments

When learning and dealing with real estate, a person should be flexible enough to familiarize himself with its different aspects. One aspect is to learn on how to find a bargain. Although there are many methods in finding a bargain, a common approach is through mortgagee in possession sales Sydney. Generally, this case occurs when the lender in now in full possession of the property after the previous owner has defaulted on the mortgage payments.

Using the Mortgagee in Possession Sales Sydney

Upon taking possession of the property, the lender will now try to sell the house to pay any debts. Most of the time, the price of the property is lower than the market value as this is part of the bargain. The reason for lowering the price is simply because the bank just wants to pay the loan. But delving more, it would suffice to say that this is taking advantage to someone who is experiencing a disadvantage. Still, it is inevitable that another person will buy the property.

Just like tax deeds and tax lien certificates, mortgagee in possession sales are implemented through auctions and most states conduct these events. Before participating in an auction, it is imperative that the bidder who is usually an investor must meet certain requirements such as registering and submitting the pre-required documents. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder becomes the new owner of the property.

Disadvantages of Mortgagee in Possession Sales Sydney

Although mortgagee sales have numerous benefits, it has some downsides to it as well. First of all, this approach is unlike traditional sales where you have the liberty to dictate any term as the buyer. And all terms which have already been indicated can never be changed.
The second disadvantage is a major one. Doing an investigation or inspecting the property prior to the sale is prohibited. This signifies that you can’t acquire the exact location of the property and this is a huge risk on your part. Typically, you can always inspect the property before planning to make investments. But on this case, it’s impossible especially if the original owner is still residing on the premises.

Another drawback is that there isn’t any guarantee on what fixtures and fittings are inclusive of the deal. Since you can’t do some inspection before the sale, it’s possible that you won’t get any house fixtures at all.

Due to the three disadvantages present in a mortgagee in possession sales, one who plans on investing in this should plan wisely. One should possess critical thinking and should know how to make a move strategically since risks are always involved.

Still, mortgagee in possession sales Sydney can still reap a lot of great benefits. Finding and buying a property at a discounted rate can make a big difference. You can enjoy a great cash flow in the near future and you can also resell it at a much higher rate. Discover a way to cash in on distressed properties from Renowned Australian Debt  & Legal Expert – Dominique Grubisa. Visit Dominique Grubisa Live today!

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