Nick Cownie LEAP Revealed – Complete Review

Have you attended a LEAP webinar with Nick Cownie? Get the truth about the quality of this course from someone who purchased and did LEAP.

Is Nick Cownie’s LEAP Program Really Worth It?

I just watched a webinar by Nick Cownie regarding his LEAP Program. It’s a high value, high level coaching course that integrates mindset, marketing and more to enable you to take your existing business and turn it into a high profit low time business system – or if you aren’t in business yet, how to setup a business in the right way so that you run the business instead of it running you.

Nick Cownie – Expert Author Or Scam Entrepreneur?

There are a lot of low-grade online internet marketers and entrepreneurs but Nick Cownie and his LEAP Coaching is one of the best program’s I’ve ever purchased. He honestly is a great author, speaker, presenter and entrepreneur.

I’ve known of Nick Cownie for years. I originally saw him speak at an Andrew and Darryl Grant event called Our Internet Secrets. About 18 months ago I attended one of Nick’s seminars regarding Time Management and it was very good.

Nick Cownie is the real deal. He is very committed to providing the utmost value to his clients and ensuring they achieve the success they desire. I believe this is a part of the reason Nick has taken absolutely everything he has created – every information product, coaching program and course – and packaged it all into one simple program which is LEAP.

LEAP Reviewed – The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Accelerator Program

A fantastic inclusion is Nick’s personally authored book The 7 Minute Mindset which teaches you about NLP and other mindset techniques to quickly and easily take charge of yourself to build your business.

Nick provides fortnightly webinars teaching you the ins and outs of online marketing and how to take your business or entrepreneurial life to the next level using advanced mindset and business success techniques.

These are also recorded and provided in a repository that you can easily go through and access previous recordings. I found this highly valuable.

Also on the webinars Nick does question and answer coaching which you can read more about below.

LEAP’s Flaws Exposed…

LEAP – the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Accelerator Program has it’s flaws…

  • Nick Cownie is a successful author and entrepreneur but lacks the technical expertise of a Certified Information Technology Expert.
  • The size of the course is SO HUGE that it can be overwhelming, however he does provide amazing support via a private Facebook group plus email support.
  • One on One time with Nick is limited to just 1-2 hours at the beginning of the course. But he does make up for this with a extensive array of free seminars covering a wide array of extremely valuable topics.
  • Plus he provides coaching on the sessions where you can speak to him one on one. (the personal contact with Nick in the LEAP program is definitely a lot more than I have experienced in other high level coaching programs)
  • Upon a complete review of the course I determined that the mindset, strategy, marketing and support facets of the course where excellent… but lacks in detail regarding the technical setup of your own website and everything that comes with that was an obvious gap in the complete array of content provided.

How I Made An Additional $25,000 Using The LEAP Method

Upon joining the course I was surprised at the amazing value provided for such a low price. I paid a low monthly fee and received an excellent launch session.

As I made my way through the enormous amounts of content – mindset, marketing, and the “LEAP System” I was able to effectively implement almost all of the material.

I strategically sidestepped the parts that weren’t appropriate for me. For example, I wasn’t going to hold a trade show or become an NLP Expert so I skipped past that content.

Although I did complete his program The Expert Mindset Blueprint which I must say was an absolutely transformative course for me.
Well worth the original investment buy itself.

But it was actually the online coaching via the webinar that really made a difference. From just some simple questions and great guidance and mentoring from Nick I was able to ‘take myself to the next level’ and close a client on my highest cost product – a $24,997 done for you online website and marketing system.

*Proof of earnings claim can be provided. Please see the website disclaimers regarding earnings, terms and conditions and privacy policy. We don’t make representations that these results or earnings are typical we don’t guarantee that if you join, Nick Cownie’s LEAP coaching program will provide the same results for you.

But all in all, the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Accelerator Program was definitely a good investment. I made my money back and more.

I honestly believe that my success with LEAP was due to my advanced technical skills which enabled me to build the online websites and implement the instructions with ease. I noticed on the calls some other members tended to struggle with the technical implementation side of things; setting up websites, optin pages and webinars, integrating autoresponders and creating the online marketing campaigns.

That is not to say that all the members had issues, it’s just something I would point out.


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12 thoughts on “Nick Cownie LEAP Revealed – Complete Review

  1. Manu

    I was just looking around for some information on Nick Cownie and his LEAP Program and saw this review. It was good thanks for sharing. I recently heard he was holding a seminar called The 6 figure Speaking Blueprint which apparently he has held before. Do you know anything about this seminar and what is your review on that? Did you do this seminar as a LEAP Member or is it a different paid seminar?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Alex Post author

      Hey Manu,

      Seems we are both up early this morning 🙂

      In fact, I have heard of Nick Cownie’s 6 Figure Speaking Blueprint. I have not attended, but he is holding it this weekend on May 2nd and 3rd in Sydney at the Art’s Gallery.

      Even though I have completed by LEAP Membership, Nick was nice enough to extend an invitation to me as a past client which I have chosen to take up. I am travelling to Sydney tomorrow to attend the 6 Figure Speaking Blueprint Seminar with Nick Cownie and I guess I’ll know all about it when I get there.

      If you like, I can provide a review of the seminar for you. I’m not actually too sure if he promotes/sells the 6FSB seminar outright to the public, if it is just for LEAP Members (as my understanding is he has essentially collected all his products under the LEAP Banner), or something else.

      All I know is I am going and for free because I am a past LEAP Member. If anything, this goes to show the high level of quality of customer relationship that Nick creates in his dealings and business. I can’t say I know many other entrepreneurs and speakers who extend such a welcoming hand to past clients.

      Whatever happens, I’m sure the content will be great as it always is with Nick. And I’ll let you know the full story when I get back.

      Catchya then.



  2. Alex

    Great 2 day event with Nick. Always over delivers on value and so gracious. Walked away with a clear focus, plan and awesome ideas to make my business even more kick-butt.

    1. Alex Post author

      I too was astonished at the massive over-delivery of content. Nick always amazes me with how much he gives and gives.

      Plus he answered each and every one of the questions we all had. I really like that “all-show” and “nothing to hide” style I’ve come to know and like about Nick Cownie and his programs and seminars.

      Also it was rad to meet someone else named Alex 🙂

    1. Alex Post author

      Yes Nick truly delivered ultimate value at his Six Figure Speaking Blueprint seminar in Sydney. I am so glad I joined the LEAP Program and got access to it. Just this seminar alone was worth the price of admission.

  3. Lindsay

    Thanks for the review and advice on my website. I really appreciate you taking the time after the seminar to speak to me. Your top quality mate. Cheers, Lindsay.

    1. Alex Post author

      Hey Lindsay,

      It was my honor to stay back for an hour or so to help you with your website. As a bit of a tech-guru it’s easy for me to see problem points on websites and how to fix them. Plus since I’ve been doing SEO for over 5 years I can easily make any website rank better in the search engines.

      I’ll put together that review regarding how to improve the SEO of your website article as we discussed and I’ll post it up once its done.


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