NLP Perth Seminar – The Best NLP Seminar In Perth Revealed

Do you live in Perth and are looking for a great NLP seminar to attend? It can be difficult to find great seminars in Perth but we reveal the best NLP seminar in this article. Read it now.

Some say that Perth is the end of the world because it is so far from the larger capital cities on the Eastern seaboard of Australia. But Perth is actually gaining more size and momentum in all respects largely because of the mining boom and the flow on effects that has.

Population is up. The real estate market is up. And business is booming with all the liquid cash floating around. It’s amazing what an economic boom can do for an area.

As such, many wealth creation seminar companies are flying the 5-6 hours over to Perth to hold seminars in the capital city. 10 years ago this was almost unheard of but now it is common place. In fact, Perth is often attended even before Adelaide even though Adelaide is quite close to Melbourne and much closer to Sydney and Brisbane (and Canberra for that matter).

Previously if you were looking for a good NLP seminar in Perth you would have a tough time finding one at all, never mind the price to attend. Good NLP Practitioner trainings can cost upwards of $3000 or $4000 dollars and that’s not including travel and accommodation to get there – plus food and anything else you need.

No more and more NLP companies are holding NLP Practitioner Trainings in Perth which is good news if you live on the western seafront.

In fact, arguably the best NLP Practitioner training in Australia now comes over to Perth and holds full 4 day NLP Practitioner Trainings with certifications. These are run by QC Seminars (Quantum Change Seminars) who’s owner is Roberta Faddoul.

QC Seminars holds a full NLP Practitioner Training course in Perth multiple times a year. This training is valued at over $4500 but you can usually get a scholarship which entitles you to a massive discount. Scholarship prices are usually $97 which covers the cost of the materials you receive (a massive workbook, dvd’s, cd’s, and more…)

To take a look at the best NLP course in Perth by far – considering the training you receive and the cost – you’ll want to click here to go to the QC Seminars website to receive your free DVD on NLP.

Other NLP courses in Perth are very good but these will cost thousands of dollars. I’m sure those trainings are worth it but when it comes to pure economics you can’t beat $97 for a full NLP Practitioner training course PLUS certification as an NLP Practitioner with the NLP boards and associations of Australia.

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