Are online business better than offline?

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Hello! This is Rose Daily, a fairly new to the scene blogger and affiliate marketer .

The question for today is this: Is online business better than offline?

The answer is most definitely without a doubt, and wouldn’t have possessed the sort of success I had without the use of the Internet.


In the past years (i.e. 1990), people used to go out prospecting for sales door to door or at least visiting their friends and family for measly sales, and do some silly house party or presentation further alienating neighbours, co-workers, etc. Until nobody wanted a bar of them anymore and crossed the street just to avoid being sold to.
I know it because I was one of them. This story was way back a few decades ago, but unfortunately companies are still trying to flag this kind of sales marketing strategies. That’s why I can wholeheartedly understand the feeling of being in this kind of scenarios.
If you know what I mean, there are some online companies nowadays, as well as network marketing companies, which stands to reason that the internet component is vital to their success and sanity.
I wasn’t much of a salesperson, but I could do some sales talk, which has been one of my skills aside from writing blog content. The best part was that I’m learning new things, while I earn cash online. I’m developing my skills to attract sales and profit, which by the way keep coming, all without me leaving my room.
I’m earning cash, while I live peacefully. No stress, no worries.
Now, if you want this kind of life, that is totally comfortable and stress-free, then go get an online business right away!
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Cheers Rose Daily

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