Why Online Job Has Been One of the Best Things I Have in My Life?

In my previous article, I’ve talked a little about life. I’ve said in my final words there that life is wonderful, and that there are many reasons to live.

SO… now, I want to share here my perspectives about life and what are the best things we have in our lives.


Many of us have given more priority in our family and friends. They are the people who make us smile, laugh and experience a bunch of unforgettable moments.

One of the best things we have in our lives is to be with our family and friends. Spending a quality time with them is such a thing that will not worth of a penny. Whenever how stressful my day was, if I’m with my family or friends, my stress will easily be relieved. They give me reasons to smile and laugh, they make me realize how grateful I should be to have this life I’m living, and they just simply make me enjoy the life I have.

It’s hard to explain how much your family and friends make up your everyday basis, but I believe that once you have realized and experienced that level of happiness, you’ll know what I’m saying about.


Another best thing that I’ve been grateful in life is my job. I’ve been very messy in my previous work before, until I’ve found these jobs that I’m working recently. I’m talking about the online job, and to be particular, it’s affiliate marketing and web content writing, which made me so grateful for what I have possessed right now.

These jobs give me a comfortable life, in which I can do whatever I want, while earning money. Today, I’m empowering my passion to help others, to encourage many people that they can possibly turn their dreams into reality and to motivate every aspiring entrepreneur to step out and be bold for their dreams and goals for life.

At first, I thought to prioritize money in working online, but I saw the better and the brighter side of it. In working, whether job or business that is online or offline, it is much important to give and share value to others. The feelings and experiences you will achieve by helping people to change their lives are more worthy than to work hard and earn cash just for own sake.

Helping others through my work and passion would be, I think, my own way of returning the great possessions I have and living my life with gratitude.

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Rose Daily

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